Not yet – iPod/MP3 player killed by smartphones

Just when I was considering the idea of getting an iPod, Wired’s Gadget Lab raises the spectre that Apple may soon retire its venerable iPod device.

According to the piece by Christina Bonnington, iPod sales has been steadily declining since December 2008 when sales peaked at 22.7 million units sold.

The culprit is the smart phone be it an iPhone, a BlackBerry, an Android, Windows 7 Phone or a Nokia. Her observation does make sense, why get a dedicated device to do one thing when a smart phone can also do it and a lot more?

But I beg to differ. There’s a couple or more reasons why I’m thinking about getting an iPod. The top reasons are:

To conserve the battery on my LG Optimus One – It’s a given that Android devices are power-hungry gadgets, especially when the Wi-Fi is turned on.

Security when on the road – My current job forces me to go home at the most perilous times of the night, so commuting alone exposes me to street thugs, pick-pockets and possible road accidents involving half-awake drivers of jeepneys and long-haul trucks. Having only a smart phone in my pocket on one unlucky night with a thug would mean parting away with my hard-earned money and contacts to get home alive.

So the iPod would be a decoy or a ‘perishable item’ that will allow me to keep my phone and limbs.

One egg per basket – It would be a nightmare. My Android phone suffering a crash which could lead to the SD card being wiped clean or left in a corrupted state. It’s not just my music and well-arranged play lists that will go down the digital abyss but my apps, contacts and personal information as well.

Plus, I’ve never had an iPod before and I just want an MP3 player. Plain and simple.

So from these reasons alone, I think the chances of the iPod being retired by Apple soon would still be nill. Other users have other valid reasons as well. I guess then that not everyone will lay to rest their MP3 players to rest just yet. Smartphones may be taking over but it’s not the end of the road yet.

Has your smartphone replaced your iPod or MP3 player?

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2 Replies to “Not yet – iPod/MP3 player killed by smartphones”

  1. “Why get a dedicated device to do one thing when a smart phone can also do it and a lot more?”

    Because a smartphone is overkill. I still remember when the iPhone’s most touted feature, even at par with its having a touchscreen, was its also being an iPod. Now it’s all about the apps; who cares if it can play music? All decent devices can do that anyway.

    Having a device that plays music, and plays music only, is Zen. Haha. This reminds me of how I used to argue that a low-end Nokia phone+a decent point-and-shoot digicam is better than a camera-phone. (When, you know, those things were still the hot stuff.)

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