No more UNLI Data, but let us keep the bandwidth we paid for

When Smart and Globe started rolling-out Volume-based data subscriptions sometime last year, it was the beginning of the end for the good old unlimited data plans. Yesterday, at the Senate’s Committee on Trade, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship public hearing on the slow internet connections in the country, both telcos have stated that they have already shifted to volume-based data plans on their mobile internet services.

The trade off is that the much criticizedFair Use Policy” would also be dropped as well. We really don’t need to worry about keeping tabs on how much data we have already consumed as telcos regularly warn us via SMS alerts whenever we are about to use up our data allocation or when the subscription is about to expire. Also, built into most Android phones is a bandwidth meter showing you how much you have already consumed.

What the Senate or regulators can do, if they are really after the welfare of us consumers is to require telcos and ISPs to let us keep the bandwidth that we paid for. At present, when you sign up for 4GB of data for 30 days but only used 3GB, the remaining 1GB will disappear once the 30 days is over. Remember that we already paid for that unused 1GB of data.

US mobile carrier T-Mobile came out with “Data Stash” where the remaining unused data allocation is carried over to the next month once the subscriber renews the subscription. So again, if you still have 1GB of unused data from your previous month, it will be added to the new 4GB of data once you renew the subscription so you’ll end up with 5GB of data in total. Astig ‘di ba?

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