Nikon D4000 and two new cameras on the way?

Rumors are abound that Nikon has 3 new dSLR coming on soon.

First is a new entry level dSLR which could possibly be the Nikon D4000. So soon? It’s only been less than a year since the D3000 was launched.

The second camera is touted to have 39 AF points, 16 Megapixels with a 6300 ISO + HI2 position, the ability to capture at 24 frames per second in 1080p and an optional MB-D11 grip.

The third camera is for the Pros, it will be 16 MP with 6400 ISO + HI2 position, 24 fps 1920/1080 video and it will have an optional (new) MB-D11 grip. It could be a replacement for the D90 or a model in between. It could even be the replacement for the D300s.

More updates on this rumor via Nikon Rumors, but still, Nikon is certainly bringing out the goods.

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