New Year wish: Improved Globe Broadband services

As Ms Connie Veneracion reminds us that with a new year, a chance for a fresh start comes, I’d like to break this blogging hiatus with a positive view that hopefully, the coming new year would be the year when one of my wishes would come true; that Globe would improve their broadband services in our area.

For the past three months, starting last October up to this last day of 2009, my broadband internet connection has been intermittent, every 40 minutes or so, the connection would be cut off and I had to restart my modem several times in order to get online again.

It was tolerable for just one day, but experiencing such horrible connection for most of the week throughout the last three months have become unbearable. I’ve called up their customer service center and they’ve sent their technical teams (contractors) to check up and “repair” my connection four times and they’ve all come to the conclusion that there’s nothing wrong with the lines that run from my house to their cabinet of ports and switches located a few blocks away.

The problem lies with that cabinet of theirs which according to their technical teams, is already old and thus riddled with damaged ports. Unfortunately for me, I am one of the few Globe subscribers in Silang, Cavite, whose physical connection have been assigned to a damaged port.

Accordingly, I have made three or four calls to Globe’s Customer Services Center specifically requesting that said damaged port/cabinet be repaired or have my physical connection switched to a non-damaged one. In each of the requests I’ve made, I was given the assurance that my request would be attended to and complied with the soonest possible time.

Unfortunately, and much to my suffering despite the fact that I’ve been a loyal Globe subscriber for more than three years now, no action has been taken to address my request/concern.

At present, I’m contemplating on the following plan, send a formal letter to Globe about this concern and hear their response. If it’s acceptable to me as a paying customer then well and good. If not, then I’d elevate the matter to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in the form of a formal complaint.

I’ll share my letter on this blog once I’ve sent it to Globe and hopefully, things will turn out alright. 2009 has been a not-so-good year for me and my online experience, all because of Globe’s crappy broadband services and their inept technical support. Come 2010, tomorrow, I only pray that it would be a better year compared to this one.

This post has been inspired by Ms Noemi’s billing problems with Globe’s iPhone 3G. For those with similar problems you can get in touch with her to help in documenting more cases and getting some action from Globe. It’s time we consumers stand up for our rights.

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  1. Same here. My Globe Broadband has been intermittent and very slow since it was connected 2 months ago. Even if you complain through the hotline, nothing will happen. They're not gonna do any action to have it resolved.

    Good thing a new player came in providing WiMAX in San Juan, Mandaluyong, Makati and Quezon City and I am one of the first to use the service for FREE! Although the speed is not that fast as of the moment, it's still better than Globe Broadband.

  2. Telcos often treat non-Manila residents as though we're second-rate citizens. Argh! Fortunately for me, my Globe broadband is working well. Can't say the same for darn PLDT so I just had it disconnected.

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