New Year, new blog: Passion for Books

What better way to welcome the new year and decade than with starting up a new blog right? I just did that yesterday when I silently launched my personal book blog: Passion for Books.


This project has been in the drawing board for the latter half of 2009 but the things I do offline is what kept me from pushing through with it and along with my regular blogging. During that time though, I’ve acquired a number of books that only add up to my list of ‘to read books’. With Passion for Books now live and public, I’d be able to share my book reading habits and adventures with fellow book lovers out there. Plus, it’s a good motivation to really read the books lying around in my room or in my book shelves gathering dust, molds and all.

I have big plans in store for Passion for Books, most importantly, is to get to know more book bloggers out there and share the passion with them, along with some books of course! Besides that, I also have a few contests in mind not just to promote Passion for Books but also to help spread the habit and joy of reading and owning a book.

Do visit Passion for Books, I’d appreciate it if you’ll subscribe to the feed right now because I assure you that good things are sure to come your way. Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. One of my 2009 goals would be to beef up my non-internet reading list, so Passion for Books is definitely a must-visit for me if I need a recommendation! I just subscribed to the RSS feed.

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