New firmware update for Nikon D40 v1.12

Yesterday, Nikon has released its latest dSLR the Nikon D5000 and now it has released a new firmware version for its hugely popular entry-level dLSR Nikon D40.

The new firmware version is named A Firmware Ver. 1.12 and enables the following modifications:

  • Remaining battery charge is now accurately detected for Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries EN-EL9a.
    With firmware Ver. 1.11 and earlier, the number of images that could be captured (battery performance) when an EN-EL9a was used, was less than when an EN-EL9 was used. By upgrading A firmware to Ver. 1.12, EN-EL9a performance is maximized so that more images can be captured (battery performance) when an EN-EL9a is used than when an EN-EL9 is used.
  • Number of shots possible (battery performance) with EN-EL9a (1,080 mAh)
  • Single-frame shooting mode: Approximately 510 shots (with testing according to CIPA standards*)
  • Continuous shooting mode: Approximately 2,400 shots (with testing according to Nikon standards*)
  • *See the D40 user’s manual for details on test conditions.

I just updated my Nikon D40 with this new firmware and so far so good. The update process was simple yet I found it nerve-wracking as this is this my first time to update my camera’s firmware.

Nikon D40 users can visit here to download the new firmware ver. 1.12 and to see the easy instructions for the update process.

via Nikon Rumors

2 Replies to “New firmware update for Nikon D40 v1.12”

  1. hi, im interested in Nikon Cam. What can you say about your Nikon D40. Maybe you could help me out. My friends are recommending the NIkon D3000 and Nikon D5000. My husband is recommending the Canon 1000D. I am partial in Nikon as my friends uses NIkon. Reviews still points to D40 compared to the NIkon D3000. Was it really that bad for NIkon D3000? Nikon D5000, ill go overbudget and will have to sacrifice other itinerary to get it. Nikon D40 and NIkon D3000 or Canon 1000D fits the budget.

    I need help for better judgement. I like your shots here, the brown one titled Silang@night. I love shots like that, showing light and darkness, i like macro photos also as well as i have been trying to picture out in my mind ill be shooting for a bird nesting without them knowing i am eyeing them…

    thanks and i like your blogs!

    1. First, I think Nikon has discontinued the D40 and replaced it with the D3000.

      For me, the D40 simply works. It gives out good shots with more vibrant colors than the ones produced by Canon dSLRs. Which is something I really prefer. It is also a very capable camera, and gives you a wide-enough settings to experiment and learn more about digital photography.

      There's not much difference between the D40 and the D3000 except the latter has more AF points. The most practical advantage of the D40 over the D3000 is that it's cheaper. Though it would be hard to find a new one these days as most stores do not sell it anymore.

      I'd say go look at online forums or online stores as some may still sell the D40 in brand new or perfect working condition. If not, go for the D3000 since it fits your budget.

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