Needle-free injections thanks to HP printing technology

Despite the pricey ink cartridges, I am a solid HP fan. Their printers are among the best in terms of print quality, if not printer reliability. In terms of usability, HP printers are also among the easiest to setup, install and use.

HP printers may have been the subject of criticism because of the health hazards they may cause, it seems that their makers, HP has decided to make up for this pitfall and actually do something that will benefit almost anyone health-wise.

Just recently, HP technology will no longer just print images by squirting microns of it on paper but it will also deliver life-saving drugs in almost the same manner. “Print” them on the patient’s skin instead of using the dreaded syringe.

HP has signed a licensing deal to allow its printing technology to be used to give injections to humans.

The technology uses micro-needles embedded in a patch which puncture the outside layer of the skin and insert the drug.

Skin patches are already used for some drugs, like nicotine replacement, but many drugs cannot penetrate the tough outer surface of the skin.

The patch was developed at HP Labs but is being taken to market by Irish company Crospon which will pay royalties to HP.

“This industry-first skin patch invented by HP allows Crospon to offer a superior drug delivery platform for doctors and patients,” said John O’Dea, chief executive at Crospon.

Imagine that, because in essence, the patches will be like printers that were shrinked down to size and ‘printing’ medicine right through your skin. This then eliminates the need for syringes and needles that are not only scary at first glance, but are more prone to being contaminated and being passed on to others as in the case of illegal drug addicts.

Then again, if this new innovation picks up and its usage becomes widespread drug abusers may simply use the skin patches to get their daily dose of illegal substances. Since there are no more needles and syringes, catching them red-handed would be much difficult. But hey, if this innovation can be abused, I’m sure another form of technology will be used to combat it.

Bonus HP goodness

As an added treat, mypapit has a quick guide on how to get the HP Officejet 5680 working smoothly with Ubuntu Linux like sending fax for example.

And like him, I would recommend you get an HP printer the next time you’re going to get a new one.

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  1. I've never used any other printer other than the HP. My trusty 3550 still works and I have no problems with it. Of course I use the Stylewriter for my Mac but I suppose I will not encounter problems should a I use an HP with it.

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