Naruto’s parents: Minato Namikaze & Uzumaki Kushina

Ever since the immensely popular anime and manga series Naruto by Masahi Kishimoto came out, the central character, Naruto has attracted a great following. It’s because of his abilities and personality that has led to a great success to the series.

However, perhaps to add more spice to the series, Naruto’s background has remained largely obscured much to this day even though many say that the manga series has passed the half-way point of the story.

The burning question still stands: Who are Naruto’s parents?

It was all revealed in Chapter 347 of manga series wherein Tsunade and Jiraiya reminisce the good old days while contemplating for the future of Konoha.

They confirmed all speculations that Uzumaki Naruto is indeed the son of the Fourth Hokage,Konoha’s Yello Flash; Minato Namikaze.

Namikaze Minato

Here’s his short bio from Naruto Wiki

According to those who knew him, Minato was a very talented ninja-having graduated from the Academy at the age of ten. He came under the tutelage of Jiraiya, and under his guidance, learned to develop his skills. Impressed with Minato’s determination to succeed, Jiraiya took it upon himself to teach the latter the Toad Summoning Technique. Minato mastered the technique, being the only person to fully control Gamabunta, a feat not even his sensei could do. His skills would further grow with the development of his own jutsu, the Rasengan and Flying Thunder God Technique.

After attaining the rank of Jonin, Minato was given direction of his own team, which consisted of Kakashi Hatake, Rin and Obito Uchiha. Along with Kakashi, Minato’s reputation greatly increased during the Third Great Ninja War, where his skills earned him the moniker of Konoha’s Yellow Flash. As a gift for Kakashi’s advancement to Jonin, Minato gave him a unique kunai marked with one of the Flying Thunder God transportation markers. Shortly afterwards, he informed the team of their mission: destroy a bridge that aided the enemy Rock ninja force. For the mission, Kakashi took Minato’s place as commander of the team while he went to a different battlefield, where he was able to defeat a large number of Iwa ninja singlehandedly. His team, however, was unable to complete their mission, as differences between Obito and Kakashi lead the team to be caught in a trap. Obito, however, was unable to survive the mission, instead helping Kakashi save Rin by giving Kakashi his Sharingan eye before being completely crushed by rocks. When Rin used Kakashi’s kunai, Minato arrived and easily defeated the Iwagakure ninja. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived Obito was already dead, though he managed to save Kakashi and Rin. They would later go on to fulfill their mission and help repel the invasion.

Now for Naruto’s mother, Uzumaki Kushina,

Uzumaki Kushina

Of course, here’s some information about her, again from Naruto Wiki:

She was the mother of Naruto Uzumaki. When she was young she was a talkative tom boy. It’s noted that she had long, red hair that came down to her lower back as seen in chapter 382. When she grew up her beauty, personality and Ninjutsu became known to many. It was this very personality and Ninjutsu skill which she would pass on to Naruto. At some point in time she met Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, and bore his child. When Jiraiya visited the couple during the pregnancy, he allowed Minato to read one of his latest books, a semi-biographical account of Jiraiya’s own life. The character in the story was known for his drive and determination. For that reason Minato asked Jiraiya if he would mind if he named his own son “Naruto” after the character in the story. Kushina offered her approval of the name choice. Jiraiya was embarrassed and honored. After the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha, which resulted in the death of Minato, and the demon fox being sealed within Naruto, Kushina’s status became unknown, but she is presumed deceased as she is referred to in the past tense.

Who would’ve thought Naruto would be born of these parents, just like or even greater than Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto’s heritage is deeply rooted in Konoha’s history we’re pretty sure his future will be too.

Though fans are asking, what ever happened to Kushina? It was never mentioned she died after giving birth to Naruto or she was also killed by the Demon-Fox when it attacked Konoha. Or perhaps she did die after giving birth to Naruto, it would make it a lot easier for Minato to pick his son as the container for sealing in the Nine-tailed Demon Fox. Or Kushina approved the idea and knowing that his lover would die from using the technique, his son would immediately be of great instrument in his success to save Konoha and carry on his great legacy. Or something else, but I’m sure though that we will soon find out as the series progresses on.

I just can’t wait for Naruto himself to learn of this truth. What would be his reaction and how would act from there on. This series is definitely one of the greatest stories ever told.

Lastly, here’s an artwork depicting Naruto’s parents together in combat-readiness:

Naruto's parents

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  1. wow dont u think its kind of funny though on how it went about not about naruto parents thats sad šŸ™ but wen minato had his team kakashi rin an obito that saske was like kakashi an naruto was like obito see here's the thing kakashi(b4 obito gave him the sharingan) an naruto dont have sharingan an saske an obito have sharingan

    1. I want to correct my hunch about naruto's parents being pain..on it's 437th is revealed that Pain is Actually nagato who's jiraiya's former student… ^^ still reading naruto..astig talaga

  2. Actually I've read 440, when Naruto learns who his dad is(nothing about Kushina metioned yet) when he reappears as a echo in Naruto's subconcious.

    Naruto punches his dad in the gut, furious that he was made the container & left all alone in a village where everyone hated him.

    but they do make up in the end

  3. Ok they say that naruto's parents are dead but me and my sister are good at finding things out. Nither of naruto's parents are dead they are in the akatsuki. i would say more but i don't want to ruin anything else. but i will tell you how me and my sister found out what happened. 1st off if his father was dead then the nine tailed fix would be sealed inside of him, this should have dawned on everyone when the 3rd sealed away orochimaru's arms away. 2nd off only way his mother would be dead is if the nine tailed fox was put inside him while he was still in the womb but we know that the sealing was done after his birth. so there is everything i can say also his father appeared in the episode of when naruto drank to spoiled milk lol.

    if you want to contact me my e-mail is

    1. there are more identity to prove it right. first why is kushina did not appear on the time where naruto was born. because she transform to kyuubi? and why minato sealed the half of kyuubi to naruto and half to itseft?. hmmmm, minato is genius according to the bio, he knows that if he sealed that kyuubi to himself only, there's no things left from them to their son.

      And at the moment where naruto was in the battle against kyuubi. when naruto want to control the kyuubi and before getting lost. his mom appear to him. interesting thou?

  4. guys, kushina uzumaki is dead, deceased so to speak.. you will then ask the famous question "how?." Well i dont want to spoil things out but since Ep 498 has come out i think it would be fair that i will give you something to look 4wd to in the next episodes of naruto manga.. Kushina died during the sealing process. Remember she gave her chakra to minato to complete the sealing..she has a very special chakra.. i think this would be enough for now but i'll give you some quotes from Ep 498 —>>> "We wanted to aid you however we could." "so someday you will control the nine-tails power" said Kushina. and even the nine-tailed fox recognized Kushina's special chakra when he was entangled by Kushina's ninjutsu.. that's it for now.. stay tuned..

  5. kushina is not the kyubi..she did not transformed to one… remember kyubis were utilized by madara to fight the 1st hokage.. it existed long before naruto was born.. just like recca's dragons..remember?hehehe.. after uchiha madara was defeated by Senju Hashirama(shodaime) these kyubis were given to the other eight villages so that one village can't over power the other.. the most powerful of all was the nine-tails.. it remained in konoha, but kushina was not it's true form..

    1. Only 5 villages of the five great countries and takigakure were given the nine tailed beasts. konohagakure got the 9-tails. sunagakure got the 1-tail. kumogakure got the 2-tails and the 8-tails. kirigakure got 3-tails and 6-tails. iwagakure got the 4-tails and 5-tails. takigakure got the 7-tails from 1st hokage as peace offering.

  6. And lastly, minato and kushina can only appear in naruto's subconsciousness three times each.. they have save such ninjutsu to naruto during the sealing process to save him(naruto) from trouble out of the nine-tails.. Ep 498 kushina appeared for the first time she still has two appearances.. minato has 2.. Minato will still appear for the last time..maybe for the fight against madara.. remember Minato may have defeated or injured madara badly during their fight(nine-tail fox attack of konoha).

  7. and as i know minato will only die on the second sealing of the nine tailed deamon fox cause he ran out of chakra or something like that…..

  8. Well, I can certainly say that in chapter 499, everyone will be surprised. Something is revealed about Kushina that I don't thing anyone thought of.

    Kushina was….





    Kushina was the previous container for the Nine-tailed fox. She was just like Naruto…

  9. narutos parents are dead

    its all in the manga.

    i think it starts at like chapter 498 and goes to 503 or so.

    they died sealing the kyuubi in naruto.

    his mother was the previous jinchuriki and on the night of narutos birth the seal was weakend and madara took advantage of the situation.

    minato was able to seal half of the foxes chakra in himself using the demon seal technique that saratobi used to steak orochimarus arms, but the other half had to go into naruto.

    minato and kushina were able to seal the last bit of their chakra into naruto so that they could be there to see him when he got older and offer him advice

  10. theres only one thing that id like to know before the whole episode will end.
    what kind of power that given by uchiha itachi to naruto during theyre conversation..

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