Naruto Manga Chapter 483: Sasuke tries to kill Sakura

As Kakashi commented in this Chapter, who knew Sasuke could’ve fallen so low as to be serious in killing one of his former team mates?

Madara has indeed corrupted Sasuke so much, he’s bordering on being a real murderer hell-bent on exacting revenge on Konoha.

Kakashi saves Sakura from Sasuke
Kakashi saves Sakura from Sasuke

Luckily for Sakura, Kakashi arrives on time to save her and face his former student. Her plans to take care of Sasuke on her own backfired with even her life being put in danger. With Sasuke having no remorse in killing any of his former friends from the Hidden Leaf, the battle between him and Kakashi, master and student, will be of epic proportions.

It’s Copy Ninja Kakashi versus the Uchiha’s fallen avenger Sasuke in the next chapters of the manga series. Who do you think would win?

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  1. I hate what they've done to Sasuke's character. He felt no remorse while trying to kill his fellow team-mate. Now, that's just low….

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