Naruto Manga Chapter 444: Nagato’s Pain

Another chapter of the Naruto Shippuuden Manga series has been released, Chapter 444: The Answer details the beginning of the dialog between Nagato and Naruto.

Both having an answer of their own the question that seems to have started it all, how to attain peace in this world. Or their world for that matter.

Nagato starts to reveal his painful past
Nagato starts to reveal his painful past

After Nagato’s failed attempt to control Naruto, the two decides to put on hold their struggle to hear each other’s stories. Nagato goes first in retelling his story, his pain, so to speak.

One thing that’s to notice though, Nagato and Sasuke has a lot in common. Both went through the tragic pain of losing their family at such a young age. The chapters would be very interesting.

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