Naruto Manga Chapter 443: Naruto meets the real Pain – Nagato

This chapter confirms the defeat of Pain’s God Realm at the hands of Naruto. Now that all 6 bodies of Pain have been defeated, Naruto proceeds to seek out and face the real person behind Pain, Nagato.

Using the information he obtained from Katsuya, his father the 4th Hokage and his own observations, Naruto uses one of the chakra transmitters inserted into Pain’s body to trace back the location of Nagato.

Most of us expected a battle to break out between Nagato and Naruto but the opposite is what has happened, in this chapter for the time being. Naruto simply wants to talk with Nagato.

Naruto meets Nagato
Naruto meets Nagato

What will Nagato and Naruto talk about? Will a fight erupt between them? Or will it be Naruto against Konan? Will peace be finally obtained after this fateful meeting?

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