Naruto Manga Chapter 442: Naruto Defeats Pain?!

It’s been a long while since I last blogged about the manga version of my favorite series, Naruto.

Well, this is the chapter we’ve all been waiting for, the chapter in which Naruto finally strikes the killer blow to Pain’s God-realm. Check out the snippet from the last page of Chapter 442: The Last Gamble!!

Naruto hits Pain with his Rasengan
Naruto hits Pain with his Rasengan

After a long, bloody and tragic battle which claimed the lives of Konoha’s many heroes, most notable of which is the Copy-Ninja Kakashi, and the destruction of Konoha itself, Naruto has finally landed a blow on Pain’s God-realm.

It’s not just some ordinary blow, it’s the technique that his teacher, Jiraiya taught him, which in turn was developed by his own father the 4th Hokage – Namikaze Minato, the Rasengan! Talk about poetic justice right?

The next chapter is simply to die for, what has happened to Pain’s God-realm? Has he really been defeated? How will they deal with the real Pain now that the battle is all but over?

What’s even more exciting is that the series will now shift towards the final confrontation between Sasuke and Naruto and the legendary Uchiha Madara.

Download the Chapter 442 now!

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