Naruto Manga 350: Sasuke faces Juugo

The latest chapter of the Naruto Manga series has just been released and that’s what we’ll talk about today. From Chapter 349, Sasuke, Karin and Suigetsu finally got to the much feared Northern lair where the late Orochimaru conducted his experiments on human subjects with the sick goal of discovering new justus, hidden abilities and testing his own concoctions.

It is from this lair that the source of the ‘cursed seal technique’ of Orochimaru, apparently his signature technique in which he gives his chosen “hopefuls” a serum that will turn them into powerful monstrous beings – Uchiha Sasuke being one of them, is located. That source is Juugo, a mysterious person with a unique ability, a deranged mind, and a very notorious killing record.

What connects Sasuke and Juugo is the cursed seal. Sasuke probably thinks that he has grown so strong and powerful he no longer needs the cursed seal. Besides if killing Orochimaru is not a measure of your abilities and power, I don’t know what else is. Anyways, that is the reason Sasuke has sought out Juugo, he’d probably use him to find a cure for the cursed seal. Heck, if Sasuke does succeed in this objective, he’d be an instant hero or an instant millionaire, lots and lots of victims would sought that cure too.

This is just an analysis of my own, the clues in the manga are few yet they are all there. At the moment, it’s pretty obvious Sasuke wants Juugo in his group in order to complete the typical shinobi team of 3-4 ninjas. Once Sasuke has successfully recruited Juugo into his group, I’m certain he’d go and seek out his ultimate goal; killing his brother Uchiha Itachi and avenging his clan.

Sounds simple isn’t it? But we know how Kishimoto is and I’m sure there’s one heck of a twist in the plot in the not so distant future of the series.


However, things are not always what they seem in the world of Naruto. So considering Sasuke does find a cure for the cursed seal and manages to kill his brother Itachi, what will he do next? Would he go back to the Hidden Leaf Village and make amends with Naruto, Sakura and the rest of the Konoha family? Or would he really pursue the path of replacing Orochimaru and become the series’ villain, after all he still does have an unfinished business with Naruto. Some of my friends think so and even said that Sasuke would end up marrying Karin instead of Sakura, remember Sasuke has two goals in his life; 1) to kill his brother and 2) revive his clan.

I do not agree with them 100%. Going back some chapters, Orochimaru always notes that Sasuke is still weak because despite of his powerful abilities and vast improvement, he has not killed a single person yet in combat. Orochimaru is the exception and that he was killed not in combat but for Sasuke’s survival. These are the clues that underneath that stone cold attitude beats goodness and a good ninja trait of being faithful to one’s goals and missions. This is again given notice by Suigetsu in Chapter 350.


Once the first goal is done, Sasuke would now be less hostile and unreceptive to girls and ‘be open for business.’ This would be one great news for all the girls in the Naruto universe, especially Sakura and Ino. However, Karin appears to be a strong contender, so what do you Naruto fans think?


So many things have cleared up in the story of Naruto and his friends, on the other more and more questions pop up, they will be answered soon enough but for now, one immediate question remains; what would become of Sasuke’s encounter with Juugo himself?

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18 Replies to “Naruto Manga 350: Sasuke faces Juugo”

  1. I doubt Sasuke will ever 'Hook up' with some ditzy fangirl.

    He might just spend the rest of his life hunting Itachi.

    I'm kinda a fan of Sakura and I seriously hope she doesn't hook up with Sasuke b/c I think he doesn't deserve her.

    (No offense Sasuke fans)Naruto is a better choice.

    And I think she looks cute with Gaara. lol

    Don't get me wrong I was a SasukexSakura fan once.

    I ALSO hope he doesn't end up with Karin.

    She's wierd…

    1. You are so right about Sasuke not hooking up with some dizty fangirls, but i doubt that he'll just search 4 Itachi all his life (I mean he gonna find and fight Itachi eventually right?)

  2. oke, first of all karin is a bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :evil

    second, sakura was the first to have sasuke and not that bitch karin. ❗

    i just mean she's over the 21 jears old come on.

    After all sakura and sasuke are ment to be look to all that they have been through together!! they share a past together!

    sakura and sasuke for ever and sasukarin fans don't count on it to happen!! sasuke and sakura are ment to be:)))))))))))))))))

  3. sasuke and sakura i love this couple.

    i cried when sasuke left

    it was soooooooooo sad 😥 😥 😥

    but anyway gaara and sakura wtf???!!

    sakura and sasuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  4. LMAO~! xDD~! I love Sasuke and Sakura and I hope they end up together. Gomen to all Naruto and Sakura or any other pairings with these two…but…I pick SasuSaku because they deserve each other. I mean, sure Sakura was a fangirl…but…she changed and she wanted to get stronger to prove she didn't need anyone~! And Sasuke…well…he's coming back. I just want to see the reactions. ^^' Sakura and Karin…this'll be an interesting relationship. SASUSAKU!!!! NARUHINA!!!! xDD~!

  5. man, i hope sasuke goes back, then naruto can kick his ass for leaving. i hate sakura. sasuke should just get some random person to help revive his clan……

  6. Oh man. Even before Shippuden (which means just plain NARUTO), It's already been decided!!!! o____o I mean, Sakura and Sasuke SHARED a bond together.


    Anyway… As I have said already, Sakura and Sasuke shared (or if you want, SHARES) a bond. And even though Sasuke declared that he had already severed those precious bonds, bonds are very difficult to be forgotten. It can't be severed that easily.

    PLUS —> There are various hints 😐 Frankly, I don't see any hint for a SasuKarin get together 😐 😐 So… Yes. I'm not trying to say your opinions are wrong, it's just how I am analyzing things :]

    REMEMBER : Naruto comes BEFORE Naruto Shippuden.

  7. 👿 i dont want sasuke and karin.. i want sakura and sasuke.. simple as that… sakura waited and tried everything to help bring back sasuke.. it will be a very bad ending if sasuke end up marrying that "girl" karin..

  8. Sasuke and Sakura will be together not because they look perfect for eachother but because they are meant to be together.Sasuke is Masashi Kishimotos favourite charachter afterall.NaruSaku forget it MK wouldn't make Hinata then.As for Karin I agree with with Sasuke and Sakura 4ever THAT IS NOT TRUE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  9. i really hope sasuke and sakura end up together!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    whenever sasuke left i was crying so freakin hard i think i fell asleep 😥 😥 😥

    so yea i really hope its sasusaku and naruhina those two couples are the best

  10. I know that you all will probably rip me 2 shreds 4 this but:




    And so, on that note, I say:


    "SasuNaru! My Anti-drug!"


    You may rip me to shreds now.

    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

  11. Okay….for one everyone just open their eyes. Okay Sasuke left the village for a flippin reason!! Because he didn't want to be with Sakura or Naruto or within the range of the leaf village. He's just lusting after power. He already killed his brother and he shows NO SIGN WHAT SO EVER! Of being with anyone. Basically I think he'll just end up alone and use some random person to revive his clan.

    Also, if he did want to be with Sakura he would have never left or he would have let Sakura come with him. See? Basically he's just meant to be by himself he's taking the same path that Orochimaru did. And in the end sorry sasu/saku fans but Sakura seriously ends up with Naruto. I mean Naruto needs Sakura more than Sasuke anyways so just face it. Not that I really care about the whose paired with who. But actually listen to the show and pay attention to the manga it's obvious that Naruto and Sakura end up together.

    1. Its already known that he left for a reason (certainly not because he a self-hating emo boy) but so he can gain enough power to defeat Itachi which he did. (duh) What I disagree with you is that Sasuke will use some random person to revive the clan (seems kind of anti-climatic, doncha think?)

      I agree with you with the Sasu/saku not gonna happen thing and taking the Orochimaru path is a very strong possibility, I don't know, I'm just a fan. What I do know is whatever Kishimoto decides on, is whatever is going to be on Naruto. I'm am not entirely certain if Naruto and Sakura will end up together even if I do watch and read the show and manga carefully, but you have to admit that before everything ends someone is going to come out of the closet and admit that they are gay. Please agree with me on that at least!

  12. ..Hayyy I want sakura and sasuke!!!! but it looks like kishi wants narusaku,…but being an artist he just doin' that so that the storu will be interesting I bet it will be saukra and sasuke

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