Naruto Manga 349: That place

It’s been a long while since I last blogged about Naruto, today the latest chapter in the manga version of this hit series has just been released as a mid-quality translation by Dark Element.

This chapter continues on where the Chapter 348 left off. Sasuke continues to form a team of little-known shinobis after defeating and taking over from Orochimaru. First was Suigetsu who inherited Zabuza’s sword, then it was the femme fatale Karin who made a move on Sauske when they came for her.

Finally, as with every Naruto manga or episode, all the excitement and questions raised in the previous chapters would be answered in its mini-climatic chapter, which is Chapter 349 for this segment. Sasuke, Suigetsu and Karin has finally come face to face the third member of their group, the feared Juugo. From the very start of this segment, Juugo’s name has been like a taboo in Sasuke’s camp. Every time his name is mentioned, Juugo and Karin show lots of hesitation even fear.

So who is this Juugo? What’s so special about him? More so, what’s to be afraid of him?

jugo_source1jugo_source1 Hosted on Zooomr

Okay Karin, and that ability is…?

jugo_sourcejugo_source Hosted on Zooomr

OMFG! So that’s where Orochimaru’s ‘cursed seal’ technique came from. It wasn’t a blood-line limit or special technique he learned from his teachers, like the great Sandaime Hokage. He got it from his sick and twisted experiments. Quite nifty of him, if the Naruto universe were ever to give out an award for the best mad scientist, it would Orochimaru.

Why though, has Sasuke sought out Juugon? I know Naruto fanatics have already guessed the answer to this question, if you haven’t give this chapter a download here and Karin would help you find out.

Once you’ve figured it out, blog about it and then tell me about it. I’ll link up to your post and we’re going to have a nice Naruto conversation.

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