Naruto Chapter 450: Danzo becomes 6th Hokage!

It’s been a long while since I last blogged about the Naruto Manga series, but this particular chapter deserves some great attention.

After Naruto’s glorious defeat of Pain which led to the revival of all villagers killed during the battle, the joy in the ‘joyful village’ seems to have been cut short by another dark event in Konoha’s history; the appointment of Danzo as the 6th Hokage.

Danzo becomes the 6th Hokage
Danzo becomes the 6th Hokage

And I was under the impression that Danzo and his men were wiped out when Pain used his Shinra Tensei technique to wipe out Konoha. Well obviously, like the rat that he is, he survived and has managed to mount a coup on his own and complete his life-long ambition of becoming Hokage.

With this, it seems that a civil war will come to Konoha once they find out about what Danzo has really done while Konoha was being attacked by Pain. With Ligthning Ninjas finally arrived and Sasuke’s team on his way to Konoha, the final battle is still about to start.

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