Naruto Chapter 398: The History of Konoha

Okay, this is a backlog, Chapter 402 has already been released so I have a lot of catching up to do.

On with this chapter which is a great one as we finally get to know the details of how Konoha started, or at least from the viewpoint of Uchiha Madara. One of the lessons I learned from history class is that “history is always biased in favor of the one who tells it.”

Anyways, in Chapter 398 we get a glimpse of how the ninja world was 14 or 15 years ago. Back when Konoha was still yet to be founded and the characters we so love and know of today were born.

Senju and UchihaIn this chapter, we finally learned about the real persons behind the title of First Hokage. The legendary ninja known to be the greatest one during that time, the only one who could use the Wood Element (Mokouton) technique, one of the founders of Konoha, someone who could control the tailed-beasts and the most awesome of all, the one man who defeated Uchiha Madara: Senju Hashirama.

We also finally learned how the five Hidden Villages were formed, the “one hidden village per country” system again invented by Hashirama. What can we say, the man is indeed one great shinobi.

On the other hand, we saw the history of the Uchiha clan, the mighty and powerful clan that really steals the spotlight from any other clan in the Naruto world. They’re not that really bad, making peace with the Senju clan and then joining together to form the Hidden Leaf Village was a good move, however I’m not so sure if the Senju really thought ill of the Uchiha and perhaps it was all Uchiha Madara’s fault that they were put in such a situation of hatred and discrimination.

Oh well, it seems that we will never know the full story since no one else from that era is still alive to tell the tale. Still, it makes one hell of a history.

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