Naruto Chapter 397: Itachi really wanted to protect Sasuke

Mind-boggling! This is what I would describe Chapter 397: The Man Who Knows the Truth of the Naruto manga series.

Tobi who is also no other than the third Sharingan user, Uchiha Madara has started to reveal to Sasuke the whole truth about his older brother, the legendary Uchiha Itachi. According to Madara, Itachi’s goals were never really to gain power for his own selfish ends, but for a nobler and higher cause: “the protection of the shinobi world, Leaf village and most of all, his little brother Sasuke.”

Unfortunately, the path towards such goals was the tragic demise of the entire Uchiha clan and much of Sasuke’s suffering and pain. Is this the price for the protection of all things dear to Itachi as Madara claims?

But protection from what or whom? From Uchiha Madara of course. My guess is that Itachi knew of Madara’s plans to come back and conquer the shinobi world using the demon spirits and that he would use his own Uchiha clan, the Sharingan in particular, to do this. Itachi would not allow it, so he set out on his own path to gain more power so that in the end, he would be able to stop Madara from fulfilling his evil plans.

Itachi, however, failed but has prepared for this: keeping Sasuke alive and making sure he becomes stronger and more powerful. He even went as far as transferring all of his eye techniques to Sasuke just to give him more powers. That’s the reason Itachi didn’t kill Sasuke even though he could very well do it.

This stunning twist in the Naruto story is surely one for the record books. I haven’t heard of any other character who has risked so much, done something so sick and twisted just to protect the things and persons he valued so much. Uchiha Itachi is just one bad-ass ninja, and a genius similar to the likes of Darth Sidious from the Star Wars universe.

But what is the real truth about Itachi? Why did he had to go through so much just to fulfill his goal of protecting Sasuke? We’ll have to wait for some time because unfortunately, there would be no chapter release next week. But until then, we are left in awe of Itachi’s character.

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    1. I cannot help but think that the Naruto series is really all bout the Uchiha clan 😆

      Seriously though, it's maddening that there will be no new manga next week. They surely know how to build anticipation.

  1. This really is a major twist. It's not that I'm not anticipating something like this but I'm rather amazed that the Itachi-wanting-to-protect-Sasuke theory that surfaced many months ago is where the manga is headed.

    I can't wait for the release of the succeeding chapters. I have many unanswered questions that only the manga can answer

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