Naruto Chapter 392: Itachi defeats Orochimaru for good!

It’s been a long while since I last posted a review about the Naruto Manga series which has taken us fans into a wild roller-coaster ride that has had Itachi and Sasuke fans the world over raving and raging over who’s going to be one of the last Uchihas alive.

In the latest installment, Chapter 392: Susano’O, Itachi demonstrates his awesome powers, something inherent in his previous techniques, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, their brother, Susano’O. Whom, in Shinto belief is the god of the sea and storms.

He was ‘summoned’ or this technique was used by Itachi after Sasuke survived both Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu draining both of them of their chakras in the process. On the other hand, Sasuke resorted to relying on the powers of the cursed seal. In a surprise of all surprises, this became the opportunity for one of the series’ longest-running villains to re spawn, Orochimaru himself!

Orochimaru stabbed

Using his Hydra technique, Orochimaru attacked Itachi but it was all in vain. Susano’O beheaded all but one of the eight giant snakes and with that, Orochimaru revealed himself to ‘take care of some unfinished business’ himself. It was the definitely the end of the line for Orochimaru, for Itachi quickly disposed of him using the Sword of Totsuka as wielded by Susano’O. According to the manga, it is the one sword Orochimaru had been searching for all his life, for it has the powerful ability to seal anything or anyone away in a blissful-like genjutsu forever.

Another Sannin passes on

Talk about poetic justice and things coming full circle; Orochimaru being sealed away by the very sword he was searching for and by the one who had it all along Itachi, whom he first sought out in the early stages of the whole series. Orochimaru’s unrelenting and worldly ambitions has become his undoing and as much like Jiraiya, this Sannin’s end has been of epic and legendary scale.

On a good side though, I believe it has also cured Sasuke of the cursed seal as shown in the manga. But with no more tricks up his sleeve, is this definitely the end for Uchiha Sasuke?

Chapter 393 will hold the answer.

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  1. Uchiha Sasuke defeats Itachi when Itachi faints from exhaustion and a speculated aftereffect from a previous battle as stated by Zetsu.

  2. i was reli shocked about itachi been good and that the 3 old council members are bad i mean there order the complete destruction of the uchia clan and itchi couldnt bring him self to kill sasuke and reli wanted to protected him how sad i always fort the uchia exteranation thing was itchi just went crazy acutaly it konoha that went crazy i feel reli sori for itchi to be hated when no one reli new him 😯 😯 😯 😯

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