Naruto Chapter 382: Jiraiya’s End


Many Naruto fans, particularly of the great Ero-senin Jiraiya, must be in tears right now. As the latest chapter in the Naruto Manga series heralds the end of one of the series’s most famous and beloved character. As Naruto’s father said:

You’re a man with true skill…an example we should all follow.

I can’t think of a finer shinobi than you.

After an epic, bloody and historical battle, Pain has succeeded in defeating his former sensei proving that the leader of the Akatsuki is force to be really reckoned with. However, Jiraiya’s cause was not lost, and his demise not ending up in vain. As before the last breath of life escapes his body, he succeeds in his mission: discovering the true identity of “Pain.”

True to his role in the series, the toad hermit has once more delivered on his words and liven up to his job, gathering the most crucial and hard-to-get data so that the shinobis in Konoha could perform their duties well. I wonder though, how Tsunade, Kakashi and more importantly, Naruto would take the tragic news that his teacher has joined the other great shinobis of Konoha.

Another damn good reason why Naruto and the rest of his team will set out and eliminate Akatsuki and bring forth peace to their world once and for all. But at what price?

Who would be next team mate, fellow shinobi or close friend Naruto would lose before it all comes to an end?

The age of the Sannins have drawn to their final days, how and when it will do so is close at hand as nearly the series itself steps closer to its final conclusion. The next chapters would be as nearly exciting as this one, as the data gathered by Jiraiya, as well as the news of his passing will reach Tsunade, while we return to what seems the final showdown between the Uchiha brothers Sasuke and Itachi.

For now though, I guess a moment’s silence would be in order to pay homage to the legendary and gallant Sannin; Jiraiya.

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  1. Jiraiya…..

    He is always my favorite character in Naruto mange. He is really a true Ninja. It’s really sad that the end was like this.

    All Ninja countries now should take the revenge of Jiraiya’s death. For me, the remain of Naruto manga will be named as the black era of Konoha…

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