Nanotech-based pulsating artificial arteries

It’s no longer science fiction. Nanotechnology used in medicine is inching its was to enabling humans to live longer, even perhaps achieving immortality. Among the first concrete step in this direction is the use of nanotechnology in creating artificial arteries that pulsate along with the beating of the patient’s heart.

This has been achieved by the Scientists at London’s Royal Free Hospital which proved to be so promising, they’ve been given a grant by British charity group the, Wellcome Trust so that the new artificial artery could be used in human trials within this year.

“The new micro-graft pulses rhythmically to match the beat of the heart,” said George Hamilton, a team leader and professor of vascular surgery at the Royal Free Hospital. “As well as this, the new graft material is strong, flexible, resistant to blood clotting and doesn’t break down, which is a major breakthrough.”

The groundbreaking artificial arteries are designed to replace plastic artificial ones that were first used to repair and replace ruptured or blocked arteries in the human heart or legs. The new artificial arteries were created by scientists who combined a polymer with nanomaterials in order to create a more flexible artificial artery.

There are other advances in medical science using nanotechnology. These artificial arteries that pulsate are just among the latest to graduate from the lab to the clinic and hospitals.

Via Computerworld

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