MySpace on top but not in the Philippines

Friendster users wake up! MySpace has just made headlines when Hitwise has come out with a press release stating that “MySpace Moves Into #1 Position for all Internet Sites.

It has even surpassed Google and Yahoo! according to Hitwise. Speaking of Yahoo!, Glen Chapman writes on Mail & Guardian Online about Yahoo! crying foul over the report of Hitwise that is has been overtaken by MySpace to become the most visited social networking site in the internet.

Yahoo! rejected the claim as “misleading” because it ranked the search engine’s domains such as search, news, and e-mail separately instead of adding them together. got more online visitors than the Yahoo! or Yahoo! Mail websites last week, according to Hitwise, an online intelligence service based in New York City.

Yahoo! said it wasn’t accurate to compare MySpace traffic to that at one of the separate internet doors used to reach the Sunnyvale, California, company’s services.

“When taking into account all of Yahoo!’s domains together as an entire network, Yahoo! clearly remains the number one property in terms of audience share, duration share, page view share and days visited per month,” the company said in a release.

Yahoo! calculated that it attracted 129-million unique visitors in the United States monthly while MySpace drew fewer.

Yahoo! contended it was the world’s most trafficked internet destination, with 500-million visitors monthly.

Well, it seems that all of this buzz is taking place outside the Philippine webspace as I did a quick search on Technorati and and there is little talk about MySpace grabbing the top spot. I guess it’s a no brainer when considering the fact that Friendster seems to remain king of social networking sites here in the Philippines.

I consulted Google Trends to compare the amount of searches of the keywords ‘MySpace’ and ‘Friendster’ first in the global level for 2006 and I came up with this:

Global MySpace vs Friendster

Are we Pinoys the only ones using Friendster nowadays? Then I did the same comparison but this time I told Google Trends to focus only on the searches from the Philippines for the same keywords ‘MySpace’ and ‘Friendster.’ The results were a complete reversal of things:

Philippine Search

Phil search bar

So again, here in the Philippines, just say social networking sites you will be answered with ‘Friendster’.

I just wonder how the other sites are doing if Friendster will ever loose its foothold in the Philippines.

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  1. Myspace has taken over everything. I see movie priviews that advertise to visit a myspace domain as well as musicians who use it to attempt to get into the mainstream music scene. Tom is one luck SOB. He is raking in the bucks.

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