MySpace offers ‘Sync with Facebook’ feature

If you can’t beat them, ‘sync’ or connect with them. Former king of social networking sites have practically surrendered to Facebook as it has announced a new feature, ‘Sync with Facebook


The terms of surrender, err the new feature has been described on a recent blog post:

Today, we’re introducing Sync with Facebook, which allows MySpace users, musicians, and celebrities around the world to sync their status updates with their Facebook profile or Page, while also offering them the ability to share content such as music, videos, links and photos with their friends on Facebook.

Sync with Facebook allows users to keep their friends on Facebook up to date on everything, including: sharing songs, latest photos, fun game apps, and more.

The opportunities to experience and share this type of entertainment content are endless. This is particularly exciting for artists who can now use this tool as a complement to their MySpace Music presence and share their vast library of content, including full album catalogs, to people who’ve liked their Facebook Page.

Or it could be described as more of a ‘tactical retreat’ rather than a complete surrender because MySpace has not yet folded up. Despite being yester-year’s number one social networking site, MySpace still has a dedicated user base mainly of musicians, indie artists, their fans and followers.

MySpace users can easily sync their accounts with their Facebook account in four easy steps:

  1. Click on the settings box in the update module on your Home page
  2. Check the box next to Facebook or Twitter (or both!)
  3. Follow the steps prompted to sync your accounts
  4. Done! Your updates will now automatically sync. Or, check or uncheck which networks to share with each time you updated

Besides, syncing with Facebook will also give MySpace a dab at the traffic the former gets every month. Now that MySpace has capitulated, Google’s prospects of breaking into the social networking scene with its upcoming Google Me service, it’s going to be an epic battle against Facebook.

On a personal note though, too late MySpace. I’ve just deleted my account a few days ago. So, will you sync your MySpace with your Facebook account?

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