My wife pushes me to blog again

Here’s another stab at writing, or blogging. My wife has noticed that this blog has gathered enough cob webs, she has began to wonder if I could still write. She has told me that I should get back to the good old way of blogging – telling the story of how my day went about or about simple things.

In other words, I should lay off the social commentary stuff for a while and just write or blog. Again. Those were the days. When every day was a new day to blog about something. The site of seeing my own blog load on my web browser every morning was enough to give my self a pat on the back knowing that I am doing something worth while. That eventually, my grand children will be able to dig up using their version of Google in their version of the internet.

I wonder how blogs would look like at that time. Would WordPress still be the king of the blogging platform? Would videos still be the most snazziest way of blogging? Would the RSS feed be resurrected and beamed directly into readers’ minds instead of being displayed on touch screen LCDs? Many have already predicted the future of blogging ten or twenty years from now. I won’t mention any one or anything right now, I just want to finish this paragraph.

Would I still be blogging by then? Hopefully. I sure still want to. Only if I’ll blog again after this post. Or may just to get my wife off this subject or for us to have another thing to spend time together on. Whatever happens, hope to see you all again on the next post.

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