My Ubuntu CDs have arrived

Ubuntu CDsI’ve been down with the colds and school work, the usual culprit as to why this blog has been rather idle this past few days.

Also, this blog sports a new custom with lots of nifty features of which I’ll be talking about more in a later post. So please bear with me if the front page looks a bit pale and untidy.

Last night when I got home, my mother told me a package has arrived for me. Curious I was because I wasn’t expecting anything to come through the mail, though I’ve been anxious about my TLA check for October. It’s almost the end of November and it usually should have arrived last week. Hopefully, it wasn’t lost or worse, stolen.

Moving on, the package I’m talking about as mentioned by this post’s title is my 10 CDs of Ubuntu Linux ver 7.10. I requested for them almost two weeks ago and I’m quite surprised it arrived so soon. This is compared to my other requests of Ubuntu CDs before which took almost two months before arriving at my doorstep. Many many thanks to Canonical and the Ubuntu community!

The package contained the usual open-source goodness. Ten CDs of Ubuntu 7.10 and two sticker sets to spread and leave my Ubuntu mark. It was very tempting to jump right in and install Gutsy Gibbon but it was already very late in the night and I really need to recover lots of sleep and rest so I postponed this geek-fest until this Saturday. Why not tomorrow when it’s a holiday? Tomorrow is the birthday anniversary of Andres Bonifacio, and to commemorate his great memory and deeds, I’ll be attending a forum organized by Anakbayan tomorrow at Philippin Christian University – Dasmariñas. More about this after the event itself of course.

Going back, I also plan to install Ubuntu 7.10 on a separate hard drive so as to improve my PCs performance and for it to act as secondary drive to store or archive my precious data. We all know that with Windows, you’re always one BSoD away from disaster.

So right now, I’ll scour the net for good and reliable tutorials on how to dual-boot a system using XP and Ubuntu on separate physical hard drives. Though I have a rough and general idea on how to achieve this, based on my previous practice of dual-booting XP + Ubuntu on a single drive. Still, one can never be too careful. I’m confident that the ever-warm and loving Ubuntu community forums will be of great help.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial or how-to on how to do this? Do drop me a line in the comments below. Of course, I’ll document the entire process this coming Saturday. But first, I need to get a new hard drive, which is another story for another time.

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  1. Just install your Ubuntu on the separate Hard Drive without setting anything that affects the other (Windows) disk, GNU GRUB will automatically detect the Windows partition unless you didn't set GRUB as the bootloader on the MBR. Simple dual-booting—I think I already did that 4 times now.

    BTW, my TLA cheque for the end of October (supposed to be shipped the start of Nov, which I usually receive around the 20th day) hasn't arrived yet as well.

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  2. Jhay, I think my comment earlier this morning got lost within your filters. Anyway, I said that you should just install the Ubuntu OS directly on another hard drive without setting anything that affects the other (Windows) drive. And install GNU GRUB, the bootloader that comes with Ubuntu. It would detect your Windows partition automatically = dual-booting made easy.

    And. BTW, I haven't received my TLA cheque dated Nov 2 (payment for the month of Oct) as well. I wonder what happened.

    Aja Lapus's last blog post..Firefox 3 Beta 1 Review

  3. Sorry bout the filters getting a bit mixed up. I did just that, I bought a new HD to install Ubuntu on. I'll post about it later on.

    Anyways, I'm a bit glad that I'm not the only one who has not yet received the Nov 2 check from TLA. I'm having scary thoughts that someone from the post office must have stolen my check or something. Just sent an email to their customer support about the matter. Though I'm still waiting for a reply from them.

  4. @ JM: I did not pay for any of my Ubuntu CDs. They're all free. 😀

    You did sign up for an account at right? because that's where I signed up so that I could request those free Ubuntu CDs way back in 2005.

    It's strange that you were allowed only 2 CDs.

  5. It's easy to dual boot Windows Crappy and Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon on 2 hard disks. On the partition manager of Ubuntu (during install) you will be presented with sd0 and sd1. That means it sees 2 separate hard disks. So install Ubuntu on sd1 if your Windows Crappy is on sd0 🙂

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  6. I just received my Ubuntu CDs too! I’m still debating whether or not to install it though. Is it worth it? I only have one physical hard drive (80 Gb) and 256 mb RAM (shocking, I know). I’m currently running on XP.

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