My thoughts on The Bourne Legacy

Last Saturday, the girlfriend and I saw the latest installment in the ‘Jason Bourne’ franchise – The Bourne Legacy. From my previous posts, you’ve heard me say that I might not see this movie because Matt Damon no longer plays Jason Bourne. Worse, Jason Bourne himself is no longer in the film!

But alas, we gave it a chance and despite the hesitations, we sat in the theater with our minds as open to possibilities as we can. After all, it starred Jeremy Renner whom had proven himself to be an action star to reckon with. What really sold the movie for us were the action scenes that was filmed The Philippines.

Sadly though, The Bourne Legacy did not live up to our expectations, in that it didn’t have a plot deep enough to make sitting in the theater for more than two hours worthy of the three previous Bourne movies. Heck was there even a plot, climax and ending to this film? Half if not more of the film was spent on establishing why Jason Bourne was no longer around and that there were other black ops agents like him who were just as bad ass as he was.

Or Were they? Was Aaron Cross, our new hero, badass enough to stand up to what and who Jason Bourne was? I’d agree he had the moves and the intensity but I felt like he could’ve been so much more had there been a proper plot, climax and ending to this film. There being none meant that a sequel would be coming soon, but that was not reason enough to make this film senseless.

Aside from being senseless at times, the film was confusing because of the various snippets from the first three films. Because of that, you kept on waiting and wanting for more of the elements that made those first three Bourne films great. In general, it felt like it was a just a rehash of the first three films sans the atmosphere, plot, climax and often explosive ending of the earlier trilogy.

Too bad as Jeremy and Rachel are known for their acting credentials. Hopefully, they’d be able to do better or given the opportunity to do so in the next film.

Now I confess that when it comes to the scenes filmed in the Philippines, I am biased since I am a Filipino and it has been a dream of mine to film an action movie in the ever-so-crowded streets of Manila. If there’s anything new and awesome about The Bourne Legacy, it was the tight foot-to-car chase scenes. Not as lengthy or destructive as the other car chase scenes in the previous films, it was a testament to the film crew’s skills and mastery of their craft as filming those scenes in the traffic-plagued streets of Manila is no easy feat!

Lastly, another element that sorely lacked in The Bourne Legacy is the supposed big fist-fight between the hero and one of the assets sent to kill him. These white knuckle brawls were one of the hallmarks of every Bourne film. Sadly, it was absent in the latest film.

It was not even Aaron Cross who defeated the asset sent to take them out, it was Dr. Marta Shearing , Weisz’ character, who disposed of him with a single kick to his motorcycle which sent him tumbling to his death. Hopefully, we get to see Aaron Cross really slug it out with whomever is sent to get rid of him in the next film.

That’s it for me. Underwhelmed and a bit frustrated by The Bourne Legacy but thrilled to see a Hollywood-style action sequence filmed in Manila. As Aaron Cross said in the closing parts of the film, “Salamat!”

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