My slice of Taste Asia 2

by jhay on August 25, 2007

Finally made it to Bloggers’ Taste of Asia last Thursday and it was a totally new experience. As always, I arrived late all thanks to the Cavite-Manila traffic but hey, good thing was I made it and already, there were like 300-400 people there. I’ve never been with so many bloggers before!

Unfortunately, I failed to follow most of PinoyBlogero’s Tips on what to do during blog parties. The sheer number of bloggers including some of the big and famous ones made me feel overwhelmed. I really need to revive my socializing skills, sheesh! Besides, I also learned that during events like this, it’s best for blogger-from-the-province like me to bring someone along not just to keep me company but to introduce to other people as well.

Nonetheless, Taste Asia 2 was a great success! Kudos to Ms Aileen and SM Hypermarket.

Spent the night mostly with Ade (who was all geared up to socialize but was frustrated, a bit), PinoyMoneyTalk whom I talked a few secrets about my so-called “blogging fame” and that lovely lady whom I shared the table with. A million apologies if I forgot your name and your blog, but it’s got “lethargic” on its name right? I’m still looking for it, a link love will come very very soon. (Curse this half-life memory of mine! 😡 )

The other bloggers I ran into during the party were Eric of Byahilo, Shari of Mysteryosa and her little brother, Ederic, Dr. Tess, and the great Man-Blog editor Steel.

Now for some pictures I took during the party.


Who's the winner?

Bloggers, more bloggers


The great Mike Abundo

Shari and Eric

Prudence herself

Ade and Steel

My name tag

Of course, you can check out the other stories and more photos from the other bloggers:

Until the next party then! 😀

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