My MX records are acting up

I’ve been using Gmail for your domain as well as the other Google Apps for your domain services by Google for over a month now. I enjoy using them becuase it allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds. A marriage of my domain and Google’s nifty and uber cool services.

Among them is GMail for your domain. However, I woke up this morning to a dreadful tragedy. For the moment, I can’t recieve any email via my Gmail-powered default address jhay (at) jrocas (dot) com (dot) ph. Knowing that the sites were migrated to a new server yesterday, mine included, I presumed that this was just among the after-effect bugs left over from the migration. It is not really a bug, I just needed to update my MX (mail exchange) records via my CPanel, and point my site to Gmail’s DNS servers. Or so I thought…

It half-ruined my morning when it returned with the following error message:

The MX entry for has been changed to Bind reloading on archmage using rndc zone: [] Error reloading bind on archmage: rndc: connection to remote host closed This may indicate that the remote server is using an older version of the command protocol, this host is not authorized to connect, or the key is invalid. ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

Is it just me or have the gods of the blogosphere cursed me?! I already sent an email to’s support team and the waiting game starts again. I just hope this gets resolved as soon as possible as I am now a living testament to how dreadful, costly and frustrating it could be once your email gets screwed up. You could still get in touch with me via my old Gmail address at: jhaykage (at) gmail (dot) com.

That’s not all folks…

As if the screwed up email wasn’t enough, I also discovered that the nifty AJAX-powered live search for my blog is also acting up. Here’s a screencap of this equally distressing bug:

screwed up live search

What are the odds of this happening all at the same time? I’ve also sent emails to Sir Jangelo of the J Spot and the designer of the theme I’m using to get this bug fixed in the soonest possible manner.

I’m getting tired of this bugs and server-related problems. I’m frustrated, I’m hungry, and I’m already late for school. Hopefully, everything will be fixed by the time I get back. *sighs*

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  1. Hello Sir Abe,

    Everything's back to normal now. Including my live search. Had I known about this 24-48 hour window, or have been notified about this before hand, I wouldn't have made such noise or fuss about it.

    Nakakaparanoid lang po ka kasi kapag may kakaibang nangyayari sa site ko. Naiisip ko agad na may nilagay akong plugin na nagloko or may nagalaw ako sa CPanel na hindi dapat galawin, yun pala bahagi lang ng routine maintenance works.

    Hinintay ko po kasi yung update nyo noong last Sept. 25 ng hapon or gabi. Wala naman po, kaya inassume ko na ayos na ang migration at 100% ok na ang lahat.

    I also called up my ISP and they pointed me to a particular DNS I could use, tried it and it worked!

    Thank you for the rock solid support and I apologise for making such a big fuss about it.

  2. jhay! wow! antagal ko ng di napad2 d2 naninibago ako. can't relate ako sa issue ng services mo.. kasi I haven't tried using them… I don't even have a domain still haha 😀

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