My Isulong seoph experience – a Pinoy Blog Carnival Special

It has been a long long while since the lastest edition of the Philippine Blog Carnival (dubbed PinoyBlog Carnival by Jong) has come out. Now it comes back to celebrate one if not the biggest upcoming event in the Philippine cyberworld; the Awards Ceremonies Night for the Isulong seoph contest launched last June 2006. (Of course there’s the Philippine webbies then again..I’d stick to the Isulong seoph contest)

Isulong seophOn this night of all nights for the Philippine seo community, especially the participants, months of tedious seo campaigns, linkbaits, link hunting and bargaining, discussions, controversies, frustrations and dreams will finally come full circle and the new generation of Philippine SEO practitioners will be born while acknowledging the best in their class, which is the winner of course.

In this spirit, I am inviting the participants to come up with a sort of “testimonials” a story or summary of what it has been like for the past months since joining in the Isulong seoph contest, and subit the links to those blog posts as contributions to this special edtion of the Philippine Blog Carnival themed; “My Isulong seoph experience.” I believe it will be fitting way to wrap up your journey so far in search engine optimization. It will also be a last hurrah to garner more link loves for the fabled “Isulong seoph” keywords.

Tell stories of sleepless nights and stolen working hours just to push on with your campaign. Dare to share your secrets, lessons and techniques for search enginge optimization. You could even dare to present your acceptance speech just in case you become the winner of the Isulong seoph contest.

Non-participants are also more than welcome to join this upcoming edition of the Philippine blog carnival. You’re free to submit blog posts under any other topic you choose.

Submissions are now open, simply fill out the submission form here, all you have to do is supply the link to your “My Isulong seoph experience” post, once you’ve written and posted it in your own blog or site of course, (you could come up with your own title, it’s just the theme)and I’ll take care of the rest. Deadline for submission will be on September 29, 2006, while the consolidated blog carnival edition/post highlighting and linking back to your “My Isulong seoph experience” will come out the following day, September 30, 2006 hours before the main Awards Night ceremonies.

For information about what a blog carnival is, you can visit the FAQ here. For questions and suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments thread below or shoot me an e-mail via my contact page.

Goodluck to everyone! Isulong ang seo sa Pilipinas! 😀

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