My first ever blogger EB

I joined last night the longest ever blogger EB in Philippine history. Embarrassingly, I was late; late for the very first blogger meetup I’ve attended. Arriving at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at around 10pm, I barely spent thirty minutes there because by the time I had settled in at my spot and ready to sample the coffee and blueberry cheesecake I ordered; Sir Abe, Noemi, Gail, Carlo and the rest all stood up and started to pack their things.

“They are leaving? Where to? Don’t tell me the meetup is already over?!” I screamed inside my head. Determined to get answers, I approached Sir Abe and introduced myself. It’s a good thing he recognized me, to a certain degree. He then told me that we were changing venues, some other place to have dinner and something else to drink besides coffee. Don’t get me wrong though, that Swiss Mocha Latte was very good. Nonetheless, I had the cheesecake boxed up to go, and with the other bloggers very kind enough to wait for me. (They were actually waiting for Sir Abe who in turn waited for me. But who could blame them, they didn’t know I was part of the meetup. I really have to learn to how to introduce myself properly at these events and I must never be late again.)

We settled at Lamisa La Mesa(? Apologies if I’m mistaken, I really can’t recall which place was really it as of this writing.) We seated in this table just long enough for everyone present at that time enough space and elbow room. Another round of introductions was held in honor of those who have just joined the meetup. As everyone else started to introduce themselves, I was overwhelmed by who was present. Karla Redor of Rocker’s World, Pinoy BigBlogger Retz himself, Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva of Kutitots, Jayvee of A Bugged Life, fellow Lasallian Carlo Roxas among others. This blogger meetup has nearly met every of my expectations, and for someone who blogging from outside Manila, Makati or Quezon City, meeting these bloggers in person is quite an experience. Below is the complete list of those who were there: (thanks to Sir Abe and one more thing, Ade was supposed to be there ;))

* Jun Asis
* Retz Ruiz
* Aldrin/Leah Cantos
* Carlo Roxas
* Juned Sonido
* Ofelia Joy Casala
* Loreto Casala Jr.
* Gail dela Cruz-Viullanueva
* Marc Villanueva
* Jayvee Fernandez
* Karla Redor
* Lauren Dado
* Noemi Dao
* Noel Bautista
* Jhay Rocas (it’s me)
* Jomar Hilario
* Annalyn Jusay
* Rico Mossesgeld
* Sasha Manuel
* Markku Seguerra

We then ordered food which was coupled by bottom-less iced tea sponsored by Sir Abe. (Yebah!) While waiting for our food, we started talking amongst ourselves about, blogging (of course!), SEO, a few AdSense earnings disclosures(!), some controversial issues this past year, etc. When our orders started to arrive, talk about non-blogging stuff ensued. Retz, Gail and Marc (I forgot his name again, paumanhin po talaga thank you Rico for reminding me) started talking about Voltes V action figures, comic books, Ninja Turtles, Barbies, Avatar, seeding torrent files, downloads and LOTR. Now who said bloggers were all about just money making, SERPS, Google and backlinks?

More good conversations, and freebies

More good conversations went on after everyone had their fill of the good food and many rounds of the iced tea. In between conversations, I was blessed with some freebies! (They were actually linkbaits ;)) Namely a nifty bookmark+calendar and a goodie-bag from Gail of, and a deck of Casino Filipino playing cards from Ajay, oh and that publication from Jomar. I missed the cookies from Noemi and the awesome raffle in which a lifetime of free webhosting by and a fully customized WordPress theme design from Gail, because I was late. Nonetheless, the great time I spent with these blogging greats were enough to make the whole thing well worth it.

When the place we dined at had to close shop, we searched for a new venue on which to do the one last item in the agenda; plan for the coming post New Year’s bloggers’ party in January 26, 2007. Failing to find a more accommodating place, we settled with standing in a circle at the staircase facing the Manila Bay. Talk about mobile productivity! We had a short and quick brainstorming about it and some bloggers volunteered to become part of the steering committee. I wanted to but I can’t because my hands are already full with schoolwork. Still, there would be no stopping me from joining next year’s bloggers’ party and helping it push through in any way I can.

With that issue settled, we called it the night, or rather day. We said our good-bye’s at almost two o’clock in the morning. I started to make my home, but I was invited by Carlo Roxas and his good friend to stay a while and share a couple of buckets of beer, more good conversations, a few magic tricks and plenty of laughter up until four in the morning. It was the perfect note to end my blogger meet-up experience. In the company of good bloggers, meeting new people and making new friendships. Cheers to this longest ever blogger meetup, thanks to everyone who attended and see you all next year!

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  1. Looks like it was an interesting meet for you. Ang dami mong sinulat! Too bad Sasha and I came even later; we could've talked about a lot of things, especially them geeky stuff. πŸ˜†

    And the grill's name was La Mesa. I think you're talking about Marc (not Macalua). πŸ™‚

  2. Wala kasi akong pictures kaya dinaan ko sa sulat. πŸ˜€

    Thank you for reminding me the name of the place and of Marc. I'll update this asap.:mrgreen:

  3. Yebah! See you in 2007’s Blog Con. πŸ™‚ I realized that online conversations and chit-chats are not enough to fully enjoy this industry. Being part of the bloggers community online and offline is close to perfection.

    Watch out for the freebies from MyJournal πŸ˜‰

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