My Compaq Presario c765TU is Windows 7 compatible

I’ve been meaning to download and install Windows 7 RC just to get the feel and experience the upcoming new version of Windows and to see if my laptop and desktop computer is “Windows 7-compatible”.

However, running a ‘Release Candidate’ version of an OS is extremely risky and is ideally left to IT pros and hard-core computer geeks. So with no computer at home that’s available for a test PC, a hands-on spin of Windows 7 is no longer an option. What’s left is to check if my laptop and desktop computer are capable of running Windows 7.

Fortunately, there’s a way to do this without going through the trouble of downloading Windows 7 RC and the risk of using it on either my laptop or desktop computer. It is by downloading instead, and running the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

It’s a small application that scans your computer and checks for its readiness to run Windows 7. A similar tool was also made available by Microsoft back when Windows Vista was about to be released to the public.

So last night, I downloaded and used the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor tool and here were the results:

My Compaq Presario c765TU is ready to run Windows 7
My Compaq Presario c765TU is ready to run Windows 7

So far, so good. My Compaq Presario c765TU meets to basic system requirements to run Windows 7. Next is to check whether its devices are Windows 7-compatible which is important because since this is a laptop, I’m stuck with these so it would be bad if one device would not jive with Windows 7.

Again, scrolling down the report of the Upgrade Advisor Tool:

System devices are all compatible with Windows 7
System devices are all compatible with Windows 7

Another good news! Note that the results were not really that surprising because the Presario c765TU, though not a high-end laptop, is Windows Vista capable so the upgrade to Windows 7 would be smooth and easy. Well, I’m hoping for it.

The full version of Windows 7 is still along way to go, a lot of things could happen along the way. Perhaps by then I’d be using a new laptop that’s certified to work with Windows 7 but if not, I’m glad to know that my current one is just as a capable.

How about your laptops and other computers? Are they Windows 7 ready?

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