Mozilla Survey – What have we done wrong?

This is officially the last week of the 1st semester, Finals exams are up next week, good luck to all students out there because one more big challenge and it’s a much deserved semester break is next. It means more time for me to spend online blogging and blog-hopping.

Moving on, I just answered the Mozilla Survey as share by Yuga. The questions are quite interesting but over all they give me the following impressions:

Mozilla is preparing something big or just something in the back burners – Firefox 3 has scored a Guinness world record and the latest upgrade to it was just released it would seem that Firefox is doing well. Perhaps a big marketing blitz to promote Firefox is on the drawing boards.

They really want to know the mind-set or preferences of Firefox users today – most questions dwell on technical stuff like tabs, anti-phising features, browser speed etc. It’s like they’re asking us which features do we really, really want in a browser nowadays.

Asking us for help – Some of the questions made me feel a bit guilty about making Google Chrome (there I’ve said the magic words!) my de facto web browser. I recall how I use to be a proud promoter of Firefox to my friends and online now it has all slowed down the moment Google Chrome landed on my laptop.

Lastly, here’s the clincher:

Is there anything Mozilla should either start — or stop — doing to drive greater awareness, education, word-of-mouth or press in your market?

My answer was simple,

Do a more proactive marketing campaign, like those “I am Mac” ads or something. Stop relying on a third-party to do this for them because good relationships could suddenly end and turn ugly. Right Google?

Anyone else who took the survey too? What are your thoughts about it?

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