Movie Trailer: Terminator Salvation

It’s the third month of 2009 already, summer has just began and with it an exciting plethora of blockbuster movies that will hit cinemas world wide.

Among them is the upcoming Terminator movie; “Terminator Salvation” which stars Christian Bale who also starred in The Dark Knight.

I’m not really a Terminator fan, but from what I’ve read and seen from the other trailers, I see little reason not to see this one.

To bring us up to speed, Yahoo! Movies has 10 things we need to know about Terminator Salvation, factoids that add more color to this action movie which immortalized Arnold Schwarzenegger now infamous line, “Asta la vista, baby!” in the Republican California Governor’s signature accent.

To add more spice and up the ante, here’s a new trailer for the movie:

The terminator-like motorcycles which chase down humans running away from the Harvesters reminds me a lot of the Bat-Pod!

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  1. I saw Christian Bale on the big screen trailer screaming on a communication device then suddenly all I could remember is the scream episode he had with one of the movie’s crew member. I guess that incident precedes the movie’s good reputation in a sick-infectious kind of way ’cause I want to see more of how close that recording is to the character he plays in the movie.

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