Movie by Sponge Cola (Video + Lyrics)

As always, been so busy with school activities and taking some precautions regarding my current health status this blog has been idle for three days since.

In the time I’ve been away from blogging, lots of interesting events and experiences have once more bloated my already lenghty drafts list. This coming week however, this blog will return to firing in all cylinders so watch out for that.

To kick off this return to blogging and the veil of seriousness that has blanketed The Four-eyed Journal, I share with you one of the songs that has been consistently played in my mp3 player long before it made into Myx’ Daily Top 10 hitlist.

Yup, it’s another case of Last Song Syndrome, and now that it’s been hitting the airwaves this past few weeks, I’m sure many of you have been struck by this as well, especially those Sponge Cola fans.

So here it is, their latest single; Movie from their album Transit.

Movie by Sponge Cola

The movie is done once more
The mood sets in with lights
Let’s wait for them to leave
I was never one for crowds

I look down on the floor
Everything’s undone
Yet we’ve been so much more
Than a full length feature

We long for escape
Let this memory take shape
For the heroes we often see
I don’t know if it’s me
Or the movies we’ve seen
I don’t remember
As well as i should

I stay so silent with your arms adjacent
And credits may soon roll away

You have my jacket on
Comfort in my warmth
I’m used to the cold(i’m used to the cold)

And i hope you’d agree
How this story should be
How i wish i could change the scenes
I’d write on the next page
An early coming of age
For me to tell you
As well as i could

I stay so silent
With your arms adjacent
And credits may soon roll away
Could i stay so silent with
Your arms adjacent
The vagueness may soon come to light

Should i stay so silent with your arms adjacent
As i play my part in my show

Forever shall i be the ill-fated type
Forever must i be the one you confide to
Forever must i be the pages you need
For you to write all your secrets that
You hope i would keep

Forever must i drive you home late at night
After watching these films that seems to imitate life
Forever must i be the opinion you seek
Forever will i be the friend that you would keep

Oh and I’m asking help for anyone who has Newsbreak or ANC in their TV subscriptions. Has the blogging interview of me been aired already? How was it? Any links to the video? More about it later on.

12 Replies to “Movie by Sponge Cola (Video + Lyrics)”

  1. grabe, ang cute tlaga ni yael and luv ko ang song nla na movie,

    dati hindi ko gusto ang spongecola pero nung napakinggan ko yung mga songs nla, hindi ko lng cla gusto, luv ko na cla ngaun….

    ….azteeg tlga banda nla….. 😎

  2. ang gwapoh tlga ni yael, as in gwapoh tlga….

    luv na luv ko poh ang bandang spongecola….

    …favorite ko ang tuliro at movie…..

    ..ang ganda nung music video ng movie, nakakakilig 😉

    ..just more power 2 d band and make more song na mga azteegin……

    .i luv u… 😀

  3. ~~Hello ang ganda nga tlga ng Movie~~

    lagi ako na nood ng MYX kaso top 3 or 4 na lang sya

    ~~Jenny By: The Click Five ang Number ! now

    ~~ Tapos ung Magsasaya By: Calalily

    BUt i like Movie ganda kasi ehhehe………………

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