More SPAM via G-live?

Globe HandyphoneNo, G-Live is not another new product of Google. It is the newest news and public announcement delivery system recently introduced by Globe Telecom.

The supposedly neat feature about this new service called G-Live is that the news and public announcement messages would not be recieved by users and subscribers as a regular SMS or text message that would otherwise cause their mobile phone to ring, vibrate or flash its fancy backlights and LCDS, and it wouldn’t even occupy a slot in the ever so precious message inbox. Instead, the messages from G-Live would just flash and appear directly on screen and the user would not even need to delete the message for it will go away shortly.

Automatic and hands-free news and PA delivery system. Isn’t it great?

Well…as long as it will stay spam free. I suppose.

And here is where my concern grows bigger. Already, we are suffering from those irritating SPAM or unsolicited SMS messages (commercial or otherwise, as long as it is unsolicited or unwanted, it is spam) in our mobile phones today. We are next to powerless, without enough credits(extra load) to tell the network to stop sending us those friggin’ spam SMS messages and now comes this automatic though non-intrusive yet out of our control message/content delivery system? What gives?!

Because that is the key element; it is the “out of our control or automatic” factor and sure, it is quite handy to have the latest news, PAs and other content delivered to your mobile phone whenever and where ever you are but it doesn’t mean that I want to recieve it at a time I least expect it, least need it, and least want it.

Whatever happened to the law of supply and demand? Isn’t is supposed to be like us the paying consumers to need or demand for something and the corporations to supply us with this demand? Now it seems that it is the other way around. These corporations are creating artificial demand in the shrewed scheme of making a buck or two at our (the paying customers)expense and convenience; under the guise of coming out with the latest and coolest trend.

I have not yet tried G-live nor am I trying to discourage anyone from using it. Then again…will I have any other choice once I upgrade my Globe SIM card?

All I’m hoping is that G-live will not be used to spam us mobile subscribers. We could barely keep our blogs and inboxes safe from it.

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  1. thanks for tagging me and giving me something to blog about but i'll do it a week from now coz i want to share Pyro's story first. i want to keep that post as the most recent one so more people can see and read it. πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, the unwanted spam

    I'm also facing this problems and sometimes I do not know how they even got my number

    The concept is good but then there's always those exploit it for their own benefits

    This is the first time I've heard of this concept… a really handy one if put to good use


  3. how do you stop the annoying G-Live messages.. it hate it when i'm recieving the G-live messages.. almost every 5 mins they send me a G-live message.. and it eats-up my batery.. my pone always light-up thus consimung my battery..

    is there any one who knows how to stop this annoying service??

  4. To stop G-Live sending you alerts, go to Menu, scroll down to Globe Svcs+ (Globe services), open G-Live, select “Activation”, then select “Deactivate”. I did this, and I don’t receive alerts anymore. …hope it helps.

  5. thank you so much for that info marvin. i started receiving g-live spam this morning. and its driving me nuts.

  6. I'm extremely annoyed with this G-Live and I can't seem to find the way to stop it. My phone is Sony Ericsson P910i. Since it's a smart phone I don't have the same "menu" compared to other phones. What's more frustrating is that I can't even read the G-Live news flashes since it flicks off my screen in less than a second. What for if you can't read it??? They do nothing but consume my battery.

    Is there a way to stop it using my P910i phone?


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