MIT now offering course on Solar Power

Those who would want to learn more about solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun, the technologies, economics and know-how involved would now be delighted to know that you can do so in an academic setting, no where else but in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Solar Power

MIT’s Professional Education is now offering a course called “SOLAR ENERGY: CAPTURING THE SUN” and has the following course objectives:

  1. Examine global energy calculations, including how to do them and what they mean.
  2. Assess global climate models and what they mean.
  3. Investigate the way nature performs biological energy conversion.
  4. Examine solar capture and conversion (photovoltaics and photochemical assemblies).
  5. Describe energy storage: chemical fuels, batteries and supercapacitors.

The course is open to almost every one, says MIT, professionals, educators and public, and all who are concerned about this planet’s future. Having a college background in science or any other undergraduate degree would be enough foundation to help in understanding the materials and concepts presented in the course.

Classes would begin on August 2, 2010 and end on August 6. How I wish I could afford this course and study at MIT. Hopefully, similar programs would also be offered soon here in the Philippines by top Universities and colleges.

Having eco-engineers that are equipped with the knowledge to utilize solar power would greatly help solve our energy and environment problems. Now I wish the next President would include this kind of initiatives in his education program.

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