Minimount – mount your netbook anywhere

With netbooks being used almost anywhere, problems like where to put it on safely and securely is a daily occurrence. Even though they’re small and light, they still need a flat and wide enough surface to be used on safely. Something that’s hard to find when you’re out of the office.

minimount used in a workshop
minimount used in a workshop
Aileron Designs have come out with wide range of mounts for netbooks, Minimounts. They’re made of aluminum which is strong and light and could be mounted on most surfaces with clamps. They pair with a matching case designed to fit most netbooks today for easy attachment and release from the mount.

Mounting systems for popular brands like the HP Mini, Asus Eee PC, Dell, Lenovo, Acer Aspire One among others, which cost around $100 USD.

Perhaps a mount system comes with a suction cup that could work with the tiled walls of bathrooms, imagine being able to look after your farm while sitting on the throne.

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