Migraines are caused by abdominal obesity?

Nobody likes migraines, that head-splitting headache that hits us every once and a while. I myself have suffered severe migraines due to exhaustion and fatigue and sometimes the pain could be so sever I feel like hitting my head against the wall just to make it go away.

The exact cause of migraine is not yet known as there are many theories about it, however, here’s a rather interesting news about migraine;

a new study has found that the link may be stronger in people younger 55 who carry extra weight in their abdomens.

Researchers examined data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 22,211 men and women. Migraines were more prevalent in men and women between the ages of 20 and 55 who had abdominal obesity compared with those who didn’t. In men older than 55, however, there was little difference in migraine frequency between those who had abdominal obesity and those who didn’t. And women older than 55 with abdominal obesity actually had a lower prevalence of migraines than their thinner-in-the-waist counterparts.

Well the data is from the United States and it would be more interesting to see if the trend is similar here in the Philippines. With the growing number of overweight Pinoys, perhaps a similar study should also be conducted here.

Everyone knows that I’m not obese, in fact it’s the opposite! But I still have migraine attacks and it means I could be an exception to this trend. My worst case of a migraine attack is characterized by a temporary loss of vision in my left eye, this is termed as scotoma. This in turn is a form of migraine with aura or classic migraine, which according to MedPedia is;

these headaches are preceded by an aura, a visual disturbance that appears as flashing lights, zigzag lines (called fortification spectra, because they resemble the angular tops of forts) or a temporary loss of vision (scotoma). The phenomenon is striking, and many artists have depicted what it looks like (see video below). An aura may also include tingling in one arm or leg, and, rarely, weakness or trouble with speech.

For an overview of what migraine with auras are, see the video below:

How do you deal with migraine attacks? Care to share some stories and tips?

Via LA Times Health Blog

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  1. Obesity is really an epidemic these days. People have become very lazy and does not want to exercise anymore. I do a lot of jogging and brisk walking everyday just to be fit and healthy.

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