Microsoft Xbox Kinect Star Wars Spoof

It’s always been a fantasy of every geek to wield a lightsaber, cut down hordes of droids, use the Force to manipulate objects and of course, duel a Sith. The closest thing we could get to brining this into reality is via video games.

Microsoft pushes the envelope and wets our appetite even further with their immersion device Kinect for Xbox 360. It alows users to play a game using body gestures and movements, voice commands and real-life objects.

Now imagine, playing a Star Wars game with Kinect?

Forget the life-long training and celibacy! Buy a Kinect for your Xbox 360, grab a long stick and start restoring order and peace in the galaxy!

I’d like to see how it would be like to play The Sims 2 with the Kinect. 😛

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