Microsoft Bintana

Still reposting the articles I’ve lost in the recent ‘blog-out’ I had. This one is another e-mail I got from my very best friend Billy.

Maybe the rumors were true, and that Microsoft secretly released a closed beta of a Filipino version of its Windows operating system aptly called, “Microsoft Bintana.” Maybe my best friend of a friend of his friend who had a friend who then knew a friend who had a brother who was among the select-few to test the much controversial version of Windows solely for the Philippines.

Oh snap out of it. Still, here is a screenshot of what Microsoft Bintana would’ve and could have looked like:

Microsoft Bintana

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  1. saw these one years back, the translation on these words are obviously fabricated to be funny. I as of graduate of translation studies do feel ill when I see somethings that can be funny worthwile but a condescending feel always looms when you see these.

  2. I think its a waste of resources, time and attention. C'mon, I myself is a patriot who preferred to patronize our own stuffs but a Window OS in a Filipino Version does'nt make any sense in anyway this country is already plaqued by Western influences. Its best for Microsoft to provide a best and secure OS free from those hackers, virus, spams, malware, adware. Besides, I wonder if it could be compatible to other sofwares for integration.

  3. @ adottedfellow: Wow, I'm planning on taking up translation studies for my post-graduate years. Translating foreign content into the local languages would greatly help in our development not just in the IT sector. Maybe we could start by making our own translation of Ubuntu Linux. That would be a great start.

    @ raymund:
    Well said. I just hope Microsoft will make Vista safe and secure not just very good looking for the all the worth of the high PC specs it requires.

    Still on a Pinoy-biased or based OS. I think we should develop our own translation of the Ubuntu Linux or combine it with the Bayanihan Linux or something. It's a secure, safe, reliable, possible and free alternative to the dominance of MS and a big chance for our local IT industry to have their names carved out in tech history.

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