Merry Christmas to all!


Greetings go out to all bloggers out there. May this Christmas be wonderful, fruitful and blessed holiday for all of us.I’ve been thinking of making a wish-list for this year’s Christmas, even though most of it would not really come true. With that in mind, I’d like to think of it more as list of goals or stuff that would motivate me to improve the things I do, my studies, blogging, etc. Goals and motivations are indeed important in helping us improve ourselves and our crafts. So without further delay here is my Christmas wish-list/goals list.

  • A regular moleskine notebook – I enjoyed and still am enjoying my moleskine cahiers but I’m still longing for the regular one. You just can’t have enough moleskines.
  • A new optical mice – my current one is showing signs it needs to be replaced. I’m still rechecking my Christmas money if I’ll be able to spare enough to get a new one.
  • A bigger hard drive – I’m torn between getting a new mice or a bigger hard drive instead. My downloading habits are getting the best of me. More importantly, I really want to move my Ubuntu Linux installation into its own hard drive.
  • Books on PHP and CSS – I really want to improve my PHP and CSS coding skills so that I could do more with WordPress and venture into other web projects. Expand my skills base, open more opportunities and have more fun!
  • A digital camera – I’ll settle with a Nikon Coolpix L3 camera or any other entry-level digi-cam out there. With my undergrad thesis coming up next year, a digi-cam will be of great help to me and not to mention my blogging.
  • A MacBook or a Mac mini – I’d die a happy geek if I’ll get to own one. Would also help a lot in my undergrad thesis next year with all the field research I’m foreseeing. Getting a Mac is way better than spending money to build a new PC just to upgrade to Vista (sheesh!) Unfortunately, it will take years if I’ll rely on my meager earnings from TLA and my yet-to-arrive 1st ever AdSense check. *sighs*

Moving to the less tangible or immaterial part of my wish-list:

More backlinks to this blog – This I’ll really have to work hard for. So you could say this is more of a goal rather than a wish I want to be granted.

Improving my blogging and writing skills – This is the key to achieving the above wishes I’ve mentioned above, I suppose. The better blogger I become, the more opportunities to meet and collaborate with other people, improve this blog even more and achieve more decent earnings which would help me help my family make ends meet.

Complete PayPal functionalities in the Philippines – Everyone, not just us bloggers would really benefit from this. I heard by the way that it will be so this coming 2007. Wohoo!

My other wishes would be the stopping of global warming, the renewal of Philippine forests, the stopping of the human rights abuses in the country, world peace (of couse!), lower school tuition fees and lower dsl/broadband rates in the Philippines.

Maybe there’s nothing much I could do about internet rates in the country, but for the rest of my wishes, working for it would much better instead of just wishing for it. Don’t you think so? Okay, I’m starting to rant away now, so I’ll leave my wish-list/goals list at that. I’m sure you all have your own lists as well. Do we share some wishes?

I hope it will all come true for all of us. Happy holidays everyone!

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