Meeting Mong Palatino in person

After attending a quick meeting that will rewrite the history of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (DLSU-D) at around lunch time today, (Planning to rewrite history is the reason I haven’t been able to update this blog of mine for days now.) I proceeded with a few friends of mine to attend another meeting, a gathering to be exact.

It took place at the Severino de Las Alas Building or more commonly called as the ‘Alumni building’ by us Lasallians here in DLSU-D. The event, was Day 2 of the weeklong celebration of our university’s official student publication, Heraldo Filipino’s 21 years of service to the Lasallian community.

The particular event today was, the “Kampusap-usapan Live”. What in God’s green earth does it mean? Here’s a little background info. “Kampusap-usapan” is a well-known if not the most popular section of Heraldo Filipino. It is basically the informal, open-forum type of section in which issues within the campus – from inefficient professors to disease-casuing drinking fountains to lovers locked up in their heavily tinted car – are talked about in a non-formal, satirical (often sarcastic) tone. Of course, the best part of it is the anonimity given around the particular faculty, students and administrators involved in the stories that make up the section. Most often, it is in this section of the paper that students have the power to really voice out their concerns, angst, suggestions, experiences without fear of being booted out of the university.

Going back to the celebrations I attended today, this time around, students will be given the chance to voice out to the public their concerns and issues that would otherwise find its way into the pages of the paper. That’y why it was called “Kampusap-usapan Live.”

However, before it actually started, things kicked off with a presentation about the current national situation prevalent in our country today. This portion of the program was probably meant by the organizers, the HF staff and editors, to set the mood and tone of the following open-forum discussions. It may have not worked exactly as planned, I’d say it was a big success.

Being adept in that particular topic, I made the foolish assumption that the speaker would tell nothing new to my ears for that matter, as I am used to doing the presentation myself on certain occassions. So I decided to leave for a moment to have my lunch since the “Kampusap-usapan Live” was still due in about an hours’ time.

Boy it was a big mistake! The speaker was introduced and though his last name ‘Palatino’ rang a bell in my mind, my memory failed to remind me that that ‘Palatino’ was not an ordinary speaker so I left to have my lunch. After almost an hour, I returned to my seat and was delighted that the “Kampusap-usapan Live” would shortly follow since the speaker that has started to ring more bells in my mind as I managed to listen to some of his words and get a good look of what he looked like was at the ending portion of his presentation.

Listening closely to his words, and getting a better look at him, I started to grow uneasy, excited even as the idea that this speaker was someone very familiar with me began to race full speed in my mind.

“Palatino? Hindi kaya si Mong Palatino ito?” I asked my self in silence as I squinted more to adjust my eyes in order to get a better look at him. Then there is was, a simple phrase from him confirmed my suspicions, “It’s a good thing that to see that internet, especially blogs has started to become prominent tools for advocacy work.”

Just the words “blogs” + “advocacy” galvanized my suspicions. “Siya nga! Si Mong Palatino nga ng Mongster’s Nest!” I exclaimed to myself while I smiled at the fact that finally, I’ve met a fellow blogger of mine in the real and living flesh. Determined not to let this opportunity go to waste, I stood up and walked towards where I saw Mong took his seat after receiving the token gifts – which he truly deserved – of appreciation to formally introduce myself and make a real, offline, person-to-person contact with a fellow blogger whom I truly respect and admire.

The moment he saw me walk up to him from behind, I was surprised to hear that Mong immediately recognized me and shook my hands. Woot! He even had the generousity to say, “Kanina pa kita hinahanap. Noong nabasa ko yung details ng invitation na dito pala ako sa La Salle Dasma pupunta, una kong tinanong sa kanila kung nandito at kilala ba nila si Jhay Rocas?” I humbly replied, “Ah ganun po ba, hehehe” Mong, becoming more generous quickly followed up saying, “Hindi niyo siya kilala? Isa siya sa mga pinakasikat na blogger sa Pilipinas.”

Honestly Kuya Mong, I was flattered and humbled by your words. hehehe Maraming maraming salamat. In visiting La Salle Dasmariñas, in sharing your thoughts and knowledge and in inspiring my fellow students to strive to make a difference.

Paumanhin kung hindi po ako nakapakinig ng inyong presentasyon, hindi ko po kasi kayo agad na nakilala noong umpisa. Babawi ako sa susunod. 😀

Kuya Mong is the first ever fellow blogger I’ve met in real person. Though we had a very short conversation, it was a great day for me and also for him. I now look forward to meeting him again and the other bloggers I’ve met online; Ade, Melai, Sir Abe, Sir J Angelo, and everyone else in my blogroll.

Too bad we didn’t have a camera at hand to immortalize our blogger meet up. Then again there’s always next time. Kuya Mong, it was an honor to have finally met you. Sa susunod po uling pagkakataon.

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  1. @ jong: Good for you dude, very few of my close friends are bloggers. They're still preoccupied with playing MMORPGs than to blog.

    @ ade: Aw…next time I'll definitely attend School or no school. 😀

    @ Jigs: Yup, meeting other bloggers offline are really fun and quite exciting. 🙂

  2. jhay,

    Want to meet more bloggers in the flesh? There’s an event sponsored by Black and White in Makati on Saturday. Its at Paseo de Roxas. Its starts at 2:00pm. Check out my blog for details. Helga (Leah Navarro) will be there. I’m not sure about the others. I’ll try to attend if time permits.

  3. uy si Helga pala ay si Leah Navarro galing ha ..uhmmnn wow jhay isa sa pinakasikat na blogger ng pinas hanep … taas kamay ko sayo sama ko pati ulo at paa 🙂 with matching tumbling lalo na nung hinanay mo ang pangalan ko sa mga naglalkihang blogger na gusto mong mameet lol!!! hope to meet you offline too 🙂

  4. I met J Angelo when I attended his talk at Pisay. It was funny that he recognized me immediately. (Well, I was the only person not in uniform there, but still.)

  5. Wow, buti pa kau nagkikita-kita na jang mga sikat na bloggers!

    BS Bio ka pla, teacher mo si Ms. Ruby Causaren at Ms. Olgga Hara? kindly extend my regards, hehe…

    Nice posts, Jhay…

    Ingat =)


  6. @ Mia: I often talk to J Angelo over Gtalk (Usually whenever something weird happens to this blog of mine) but I’ve never really attended a gathering of bloggers in Manila. School has always been in the way.

    @ Schumey: Gusto ko, gustung-gusto ko. Kaso may pasok ako tuwing Saturday. Waaa! Pero si Leah Navarro nga si Helga?! Ngayon ko lang nalaman yun ah.

    @ Melai: Mas sikat nga ata ang blog mo Melai, daming nagcocomment. Pero sigurado ako, magkikita rin tayo sa personal.

    @ Dops: Yup, naging lab teacher ko si Mam Causaren noong unang dating ko sa DLSU-D. Galing niya magturo. Salamat sa pagdalaw. Add kita sa blog-roll ko. 😀

  7. I hope to meet you in person,too jhay!

    I’ve been to eyeballs couple of times (Infact,one was held in my place)I’ve met many bloggers already mostly Pinoy EU bloggers.I wish to meet Pinoy bloggers in pinas sa pag uwi ko (keylan hindi ko pa alam,lol) I’ll let you know syempre:)

  8. Kahit di kami nagkikita ni Mong palagi, isa pa rin siya sa mga paborito kong kaibigan. 🙂

    Bloggers’ EB? Marami akong nakita, including Connie and Abe, among others noong unang iBlog.

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