Media is biased. Everyone is biased. So be critical.

When my wife started to remind me each day that I should get back to blogging/writing, she told me that staying off current events and social issues as a topic would be welcome change. However, because the idea of telling the world the mundane things I do every day makes me feel insignificant, I just can’t resist writing about what’s happening out there. (To my wife, my apologies for this social commentary. The next post will be a different one. No promises though.)


By now, everyone is aware of why comedian-host Vhong Navarro has been absent from Showtime these past few days. I didn’t watch the episode where his co-hosts broke the news in all teary-have-mercy-on-Vhong fashion but somehow something was off. There was something, Anne and the other Showtime hosts were not saying. There was something that ABS-CBN was not telling to the public.

True enough, rival network through its GMA News website carried articles about Vhong being the subject of a complaint in a police blotter. This, apparently, explains why he was attacked and mauled by six persons in a condominium in the posh Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. I’m no fan of Vhong Navarro, and don’t get me wrong, no one deserves to be beaten up senseless but there has to be a logical explanation to it. And this is the other side of the story. That Vhong, allegedly attacked a girl with lewd intentions. The girl’s brothers and friends ganged up on the actor to avenge her honor and teach him a lesson.

You’ve never heard any shred of this information from anyone in ABS-CBN. They keep on framing the whole story as Vhong being a victim of violent crime. Which is not totally surprising since ABS-CBN and the whole Showtime outfit are expected to be biased in favor of their ka-pamilya.

The same could be said of rival network GMA. So no one could fault them for carrying the ‘other side’ of the story. You may not believe all of this, you may hate me or GMA for what has been said or done on their part, for you have your own biases as well.

And that’s the whole point, everyone has a bias. In the Philippines, we have a very biased media. The challenge to the public, that’s me and you, is to be critical about everything we see, hear, and read on the news. Hopefully, the authorities will do a fair and quick investigation on this case and for both ABS-CBN and GMA networks to be more balanced in their reporting. (How I wish!)

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