McDonald’s “First Love” TV commercial feat “Ang Huling El Bimbo”

You got to hand it to McDonald’s, they certainly know how to market their products straight into popular Pinoy consciousness. Their latest TV ad which features that timeless Eraserheads song “Ang Huling El Bimbo” has been the talk of town for weeks now.

I may not be a complete McDonald’s fan, but they sure got me hooked with this cute and heart-warming ad. Just like their first one which featured another Pilipino song “Kanlungan” by Buklod of which Noel Cabangon was part of.

I wonder how local brand Jollibee will respond?

5 Replies to “McDonald’s “First Love” TV commercial feat “Ang Huling El Bimbo””

  1. Nung una kong nakita yung commercial i already feel the emotions. Especially yung ginamit na music. E-heads fan kasi ako. Overall i salute the advertising company na gumawa nito. Ang galing!

  2. na-feel ko emotion dito.. masakit nga e. and yeah, i have to take my hats off to them. they know how to make good commercials. pero para sa akin, nothing beats the "karen po" commercial.


    1. Filipinos, I think, are not fond of clowns. It is still something foreign to them. I’ve seen lots of kids who easily get scared and freak out when they see clowns at children’s parties they attend.

      So the Ad firm for McDonald’s decided to ‘localize’ their ads instead of Ronald, who is a clown. Using concepts close to the Filipino heart, like family ties and childhood romances and the local songs that embody them was down right clever.

      That’s why local rival Jollibee has succeeded. The bee mascot is more loved by Filipinos.

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