“Marimar” Moymoypalaboy video

It’s the latest craze by Pinoys on YouTube and these two hilarious guys just made it into stardom as regulars in the legendary comedy show “Bubble Gang” in GMA 7: Moymoypalaboy.

Here’s their version of the title song from the that all-time Pinoy favorite tele-novela “Marimar”

Call these guys idiots or whatever, but for most, they’re comical geniuses that could give Filipino Comedy star Michael V aka Bitoy a run for his money. Watch more of their videos here.

I blame these two Chinese boys for starting all this back in 2006 when they posted on YouTube their spoof of that Backstreet Boys hit-single “I Want it That Way.” Or I could be wrong, then again, this creativity would’ve never been noticed at such a grand scale if were not for YouTube.

Long live creativity on the read/write web!

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    1. You do have a point. I just think that this is the start of something creative for Pinoys and eventually, one of us will come up with something original.

      Then again, what is original?

  1. guys u really are such a funny couple can we invite you on our christmas party on the 20th of december please email me. more more power!!!!

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