Mar Roxas takes one for the team, supports Noynoy for President

It may be curtains for his presidential ambitions for now, but Senator Mar Roxas deserves a big pat on the back and the admiration of many for his bold act of decency, humility and statesmanship today.

When he announced that he was withdrawing from the 2010 Presidential elections and giving way instead to fellow Liberal and Senator Noynoy Aquino, my girlfriend and I cannot help but feel sad for him, personally. Not because we are one of his supporters but we suddenly remembered how much time, effort and resources he has already poured in, this early on, in the upcoming Presidential elections.

All those cheesy and trapo-like TV ads, all those times of making headlines criticizing the current administration and making his position known on various national issues had been swept aside in order to give way for the ‘prince of People Power’ Senator Noynoy Aquino’s looming Presidential bid.

But he was right in quoting his grandfather, former President Manuel Roxas, that the “country [comes] above self” or bayan muna bago ang sarili. Though in the long run, this would be remembered as when Mar Roxas did something noble and admirable for the country, and would soon reap it own rewards.

In the meantime, this move by Mar Roxas has changed the landscape of the 2010 elections dramatically. As Mon Casiple puts it:

Thus, history is made. Whatever the results of the 2010 presidential elections, Mar Roxas’ decision has paved the way for a classic drawing of the line in the sand of Philippine politics. The battle is now between a new democratic reform politics represented by Noynoy Aquino against the old traditional politics of patronage.

How the other presidential aspirants and the administration bloc would react and move would surely be interesting. Hopefully, the Liberal Party would be able to make this renewed “Cory Magic” last until May 2010. And even beyond…

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