Map your Precinct with Google Mapmaker

Just three days to go before May 10 national elections will be held and already there’s a thick mix of anxieties, excitement and fear because this will be the first national automated elections in the country.

With the COMELEC determined to push through with the poll automation on Monday, one of the best things we voters can do is prepare ourselves in exercising our right to suffrage.

One step in being a prepared and alert voter is to know where your voting precinct is. However, with the poll automation, voting precincts have been clustered together resulting in a few minor changes in its location.

Thankfully, Google has been kind and generous enough to help us find our precinct with its Find Your Precinct project wherein volunteers can visit the site and map the location of their respective precincts using Google Map Maker.

Find Your Precinct with Google Map Maker

With this project, voters can now search on Google Maps where exactly their voting precinct is by providing their City/Municipality’s name and then their exact precinct number as provided by the COMELEC during the voter registration period. After a few moments, the website will display the exact location of your voting precinct. If it’s not yet marked on the map, you can do so yourself and help your fellow voters who belong to the same precinct.

Of course, the map is not 100% accurate as Google Map’s coverage of the Philippines is not yet 100% complete. It was fortunate that it had a fairly-detailed map of my hometown and it enabled me to pin-point where my voting precinct is.

Visit Google’s Find Your Precinct project and contribute to the initiative. It’s one way of helping your fellow voters to exercise our noble right to suffrage.

Hat tip to Conrad Miguel and UnPLUG.

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