Make good use of your time: Volunteer or Register as Voter

If you’re not going to volunteer, register as a voter.

The extended class suspensions may be fun and most students have offered their free time to volunteer in the relief operations for the victims of typhoon Ondoy. We cannot thank them enough be grateful for their generosity especially the donors.

However, not all, and since the relief operations have started, I’d say only a small percentage of students in DLSUD have volunteered in the relief operations. So where’s the rest of us? I am not going make a judgement on their decision not to volunteer and instead, spend the “holidays” at their leisure. It’s their right and freedom to do so.

Still, I appeal to everyone; student and youth who are eligible to vote in the coming 2010 elections to allot time from this week-long vacation to head to their local COMELEC offices and register as voters. It will only take less than an hour to do so. All you need to bring with you is your school ID and the rest of the registration process would be as easy as subscribing to the latest unlimited text and call promos the telcos are offering nowadays.

If you think volunteering to help in the relief operations is a good and noble thing to do nowadays, and you feel some ounce of guilt on not doing so, registering as a voter is one of the most noble and simply the right thing to do as Filipino citizen not just today but in your entire lifetime.

So please, go to your local COMELEC office, bring along your school ID and register as a voter. The last day of registration will on October 31, 2009 which means you only have 28 days left.

Once you do register, you’d be able to elect and choose the next set of officials and leaders that will move this country forward and help mitigate the problems of flooding, natural calamities and other important problems our country faces.

Tandaan ninyo, ASTIG ang bumoboto. Kaya magparehistro na para makaboto.

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