Major examinations week; do you bum or do you cram?

Today is officially the start of the mid-term examinations in DLSU-D. I’m sure it’s the same thing with the other colleges and universities, so for all of us who will be taking our mid-terms the best of luck!

It is during this time that classes once more are not regularly held. What used to be a fully-booked Monday for me, has been an extension of the weekend break even if it were not a holiday. All because my exams actually start this coming Thursday. Nonetheles, it’s not an excuse to bum around and spend hours on end online and blogging away. *ehem*

Well, anyways the logic that exams were scheduled hours apart would enable us students to have more time to study and review our past lessons. In reality though, it’s the perfect time for either bumming out or cramming like there’s no tomorrow.

Bumming out are for those who:

  • Care less about the scores they’ll get in the exams but as long as they’d get the passing grade, it’s perfect. In my school, these make up the majority. (Shssh, it’s a secret)
  • Those who have already studied well ahead of the exams and so all they’re going to do now is just relax a little more and take a few glance at their notes once in a while. This time around these kind of students number quite considerably.

Those who cram like there’s no tomorrow are:

  • The hyperactive students whose membership in extra and co-curricular student organizations will not be less than 2 to 3.
  • Student-leaders or council officers who really dedicated their time to performing the functions and duties of their positions and offices.
  • Those who bummed around well before the exams came around. The ones who frequented internet shops playing online games or watching YouTube or pimping their Friendster profile or blogging, spending too many school nights on drinking binges or those who have mistaken the mall or the billiards halls for their classrooms.

Either way, the school campus takes on a new ambiance, one of academic dreams, hopes, and stuggles taking full circles once more.

Those who cram run around campus like it was the Japs invading us all over again while on the other hand, those who bum around crowd and litter the kiosks, library, corridors and canteens just passing the time by waiting for their next exam to start.

Of course there’s another group of students that come out during exams week; those who still haven’t paid up for their tuition and school fees, standing in line at the accounting office hoping for a temporary exam permit. But that’s for another post.

5 Replies to “Major examinations week; do you bum or do you cram?”

  1. I cram. But then, that’s my learning style. Some people have different learning styles. Some take their time, some just work better under time pressure (because they’re running out of time). I can’t work until it’s like less than 24 hours before due time. Same goes with doing papers and projects and what not. It’s not like I TRY to bum around to avoid doing work. It just doesn’t work for me not cramming. 😀

  2. My strategy consists on starting as early as possible, because when I'm short on time I tend to learn less. Kinda feel it's not worth to learn couple of days before if I didn't already finished most of my job.

  3. @ MI: Well, I cram too. I've been famous for it since highschool. Especially during the time I was the head-scriptwriter for the theater club. I'd write the scripts hours before the start of rehearsals though the assignment was given to me weeks before!

    I had some drafts, but my finest work comes out when I'm under pressure so the drafts get scrapped altogether.

    It's a bit different now in college, I still cram but not that much.

    @ Karlo.PinoyBlogero: Yup, on top of that people's learning styles not only differ, they too evolve over time. As for me, I'm somehow in the middle of cramming and working ahead of time.

    @ chuck norris dude: That's how I do it nowadays. Especially with all my extra-curricular and social involvements I have. Though I still cram, I've learned the value of working ahead of time and building on from there.

    I thank multi-tasking for this! 😆

  4. I try to work ahead as much as possible It's great feeling when you've done the work and you're going confident.

    If I have time constraints then I'll resort to cramming but I find this limits my exam performance as things that I would normally remember is hard to recall during the actual exam.

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