Magbalik by Callalily (Video + Lyrics)

by jhay on March 4, 2007

I’m back! After a week-long of being absent from the blogosphere I return with one of the first updates to The Four-eyed Journal. Here below is the video and the lyrics of one my most favorite songs of this year; ‘Magbalik’ by Callalily. Every single day, whenever I travel to and from school, Callaliy’s songs play continuously in my mp3 player. Talk about a major case of LSS right?

‘Magbalik’ is one great song. Powerful lyrics, great guitar works and riveting drum-line to match, then top if off with Kean’s cool vocals, this song is for everyone who believes in love, be it broken, kept alive, hopeful and any other shade of it. I’ve been waiting for its music video to come out and now that it does, it justifies to keep an eye on it on MTV, MYX, on YouTube, Multiply and Friendster accounts of other Callalistas out there.

To be honest though, I expected a lot more about the video being something mushy and a bit serious to match the emotional charge of the song, but this one is well, kinda waters down that potential. Still, this video does the song some justice. Again we thank Rouge Carey for making this video available on the www via YouTube.


by Callalily

Wala na ang dating pagtingin
Sawa na ba saking lambing
Wala ka namang dahilan
Ngunit bakit biglang nangiwan

Hindi na alam ang gagawin
Upang ika’y magbalik sakin
Ginawa ang lahat ngunit bakit
Ika’y biglang naghanap

Hindi magbabago
Pagmamahal sa iyo
Sana’y pakinggan mo
Ang awit ng pusong ito

Tulad ng mundong hindi
Tumitigil sa pag-ikot
Pag ibig di mapapagod

Tulad ng ilog na hindi
Tumitigil sa pag agos
Pag ibig di matatapos

Alaala’y bumabalik
Mga panahong nasasabik
Sukdulang mukha ay
Laging nasa panaginip

Bakit biglang pinagpalit
Pagsasamaha’y tila nawaglit
Ang dating walang hanggan
Nagkaroon ng katapusan


Now learn how to play Magbalik on your very own guitar:

Thanks to GuitarTutee for the video.

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