Macro-blogging on Tumblr

Is it too late for me already? Anyways, I just started my very first tumble blog or tumblr Microwavable Ideas, which I’d call as my macro-blog. A place to unload or dump ideas, mostly random but not necessarily too personal stuff, that are in the incubation stage so to speak.

By macro-blogging I define it as:

Nothing much, just a public mash-up of the things I do or put on the web. Mainly my random ideas that are too short or unworthy to be blogged full-scale or too long to be given justice on Twitter or Plurk.

There you have it. I’m more active on Twitter, if you call twittering 2-3 days a week as active, and that’s how I micro-blog.

With my tumble blog, to which I synchronized this blog’s feed (another SEO trick) along with my Twits, I’d macro-blog. Photos, random thoughts of one or two paragraphs in length mostly about quick reactions to stuff I find on the web.

I’d go back to them on later days to pick up on the ideas and then develop them into full-blown posts and publish them here if it’s tech, health or Internet-related or in my socio-political blog, or in my personal blog (both of which are dying a slow death at the moment) depending on its topic.

I don’t know if most of my Pinoy blogger-friends maintain a tumble blog too and that’s what I’m going to find out in the coming days. If you do have one, do share the link in the comments below so that I could follow it.

So now if you don’t see daily updates to this blog, you’d find them, in raw form, in my tumblr. It’s my latest cure for writer’s block. Or blogger’s block? What’d the difference? Hmm..that would be for another post at another day.

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  1. @Ade – I use my FriendFeed account as my uber aggregator. Btw, I nao follow urz Tumblr. LOL

    @Jaypee – Perhaps it's not the right time for you to try it. You still have a lot of catching up to do on your main blog remember? 😉

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